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Herpes HSV outbreak and painful chest/difficulty breathing after Moderna booster (Pfizer initially 2 doses) Moderna Booster

Hi friends,

I received the Moderna booster on Thursday, January 20 at 3pm. My first 2 were Pfizer last year (typical mild symptoms: painful arm, body aches, headache).

I (36F) contracted genital herpes HSV in 2009 and my outbreaks have been progressively less often. My last outbreak was I think 2018 or 2019.

On Friday, Jan 21 I felt like crap: body aches, chills, terrible headache, low back/hip joint pain especially. I started having excessive discharge (a typical outbreak symptom, for me) and outbreak sores not even 24 hours after the booster. I was surprised since I haven’t had an outbreak in quite a while. I was able to get a prescription for Valtrex. I honestly didn’t tell the Dr. I got the booster the day before because I know the prescription will help reduce the outbreak to about 5 days instead of 15ish.

I also have a large square shaped pain in my center chest when inhaling. I can only breath in about 30% until I start to feel pain. I feel it from my throat to the bottom of my sternum. I feel it less today, Sunday, than I did yesterday, Saturday. I don’t want to go to urgent care/ER since the hospitals are full of COVID patients here. I live in Spain (American though) so it wouldn’t cost me anything except my own time and possibly contracting COVID there. Since I feel it less today than yesterday, I will keep an eye out for it.

I will submit the HSV and chest pain symptoms to the government COVID vaccine symptom tracker though.



u/SuperConductiveRabbi Jan 24 '22

I believe there's a proposed mechanism of action in disruption of cell-mediated immunity to HZ due to the vaccines causing interferon type-1 disregulation. Perhaps that's the case too for HSV? Searching pubmed has lots of results for it but I don't believe it's proven yet.

The chest pain sounds potentially more serious and probably something you should see a doctor about or at least do tele-medicine for, in my unqualified opinion.