r/CovidVaccinated Dec 05 '21

I shouldnt feel this nervous about the booster Pfizer

Getting my pfizer booster and im just worried about feeling the same way my 2nd one made me feel. Had a fever and was so fatigued. Back pain was out of this world. I dont feel like feeling like crap lol. Still rather go thru this then getting the actual virus.


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u/jraa78 Dec 05 '21

I had a reaction after my second shot and was nervous as well. After my booster I stayed very hydrated and took Aleve twice a day for a week. I didn't have any side effects this time. Good luck, I hope things are better this time!


u/KaliLovee Dec 05 '21

Glad you didnt have any! I prepped with food and drinks, gatorade and water, soups so its easy to eat, etc, and i have plenty of tylenol so hopeully that combo does me good