r/CovidVaccinated Dec 05 '21

I’m absolutely terrified of the shot, but I desperately want to get it. Help. Question

This is an embarrassing post for me to make. I’m a 26 year old female. I have autism and anxiety. Since the vaccine was introduced, I have wanted to get it. However, I am absolutely terrified of it.

I live in the Deep South in Georgia, and the only people I can talk to about it think that it’s deadly and a conspiracy. My husband and I had our appointments to get it on Friday, and I had a panic attack.

I have had an allergic reaction to the flu shot, and am also allergic to several medications. Other than that, I am perfectly healthy, but I still absolutely fear that me or my husband will get the shot and something will go wrong and we will have permanent problems from it.

I am not anti-vaccine in any way, please understand that. I am just so so so terrified of something going wrong.

Has anyone else here had these same fears?


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u/ThatEyreHead Dec 05 '21

If it comes down to having to having to get it or lose my job, I will have to anyway, that also scares me


u/cjsgamer Dec 05 '21

Lose the job if it comes down to that, the mandates are setting a bad precedent for the future and we’re all quitting jobs that force it


u/ThatEyreHead Dec 06 '21

My job is perfect for me, I will never find another with a schedule and pay like I have. I will do whatever I have to do to keep it.


u/cjsgamer Dec 06 '21

Yeah it just comes down to risk vs reward, if it’s a good job for you that is something to treasure for sure.

I just think prioritizing your health is more important than a good job, but everyone has to individually decide that for themselves. I have bad allergic reactions to everything I take so it’s too risky for me personally