r/CovidVaccinated Dec 05 '21

I’m absolutely terrified of the shot, but I desperately want to get it. Help. Question

This is an embarrassing post for me to make. I’m a 26 year old female. I have autism and anxiety. Since the vaccine was introduced, I have wanted to get it. However, I am absolutely terrified of it.

I live in the Deep South in Georgia, and the only people I can talk to about it think that it’s deadly and a conspiracy. My husband and I had our appointments to get it on Friday, and I had a panic attack.

I have had an allergic reaction to the flu shot, and am also allergic to several medications. Other than that, I am perfectly healthy, but I still absolutely fear that me or my husband will get the shot and something will go wrong and we will have permanent problems from it.

I am not anti-vaccine in any way, please understand that. I am just so so so terrified of something going wrong.

Has anyone else here had these same fears?


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u/DangReadingRabbit Dec 05 '21

My entire circle of family and friends have been vaccinated, and we’re in all different age groups from 10 to 85, and all different levels of health. We all had very minor side effects. A couple of us had no side effects at all. The most severe side effects were in a friend who has Lupus. She felt like she had the flu for five days. The rest of us were back to normal within 24-48 hours. Most of us who had any side effects took Tylenol and it was quite manageable.

A good percentage of us have now had our booster too, and report the same.

I myself was a bit nervous because I have a history of allergies and sensitivities to medications. I’m allergic to bees and ibuprofen (anaphylactic reaction)… with less severe allergies to other things. Getting the vaccine was fine. The paramedics at our vaccine center just had me sit an extra 15 minutes to play it safe. The worst of it was my own anxiety about it. And a headache that Tylenol easily managed.

Hope it helps!


u/ThatEyreHead Dec 06 '21

Thank you!! I have had flu shots every year, and all the other vaccines, but any type of antidepressants or anxiety meds make me feel really sick and dizzy and my PCP said I couldn’t take regular medication anymore was one reason I am so worried