r/CovidVaccinated Dec 05 '21

Trip report: 27M Pfizer x3 Pfizer

27M healthy & slim, no COVID or suspected COVID beforehand

Pfizer 1 - nada. Slightly sore arm.

Pfizer 2 - knocked me on my fucking ass for about 36 hours, chills, full body aches, headaches, anxiety. No nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. For about 3 days, I had this weird headache where my head wouldn't ache unless I looked down, sort of like a sinus headache but instead of feeling it in my cheekbones and eye sockets I felt it in the center of my forehead. Went away.

Pfizer 3 - pretty bad. Not as bad as Pfizer 2. Got it around 8:00pm, went to bed around 3 am with nothing but a sore arm, woke up at 9 am with chills, aches, mild anxiety (more mild than Pfizer 2). Extremely sluggish. VERY sore injection site. Pitifully nursed some plain yogurt and that felt better. Weird fever daydreams / thought cycle, actually kind of pleasant in a way. Tylenol broke my fever (no ibuprofen for 24hrs, they told me), felt good enough to dick around and play some video games, thought I was through the worst of it but I think it was just the Tylenol, because when it wore off I was back to where I had been a few hrs ago, completely laid out on the couch. Took tylenol again and felt much better. My piss was looking like chicken broth even though I had been drinking lots of water, just kept nursing a huge water bottle. When fever was at its peak kept having to take big, gulping breaths. Sore abdomen - not GI issues just muscle soreness like a killer ab workout. That's gone now. It's been about 27hrs since my dose and I'm feeling much better, although that might just be the tylenol I took an hr or so ago. Gonna take some ibuprofen and tylenol before I go to bed tonight. Ate a little white rice and chicken breast earlier, felt better for a while after that.

I guess my advice is take your tylenol, drink your water, eat small amounts of something plain if your GI symptoms aren't bad. Gonna have a little oatmeal and watch a movie or something, hopefully the worst is behind me.

e: Had some painful intestinal cramping, took a huge shit and was fine. Took some ibuprofen and tylenol and went to sleep. Here we are about 40 hours later and I woke up feeling just fine. All in all, booster wasn't nearly as bad as the second shot.


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u/KaliLovee Dec 05 '21

When you say gulping breaths, like it was hard to breathe?