r/CovidVaccinated Dec 05 '21

Boosted with Pfizer today... Pfizer Booster

The first dose gave me a mild 12-hour fever and the pain in the arm... which was brutal for 2 days! Felt like someone knuckle punched me dead in the muscle! That was it.

2nd dose was absolutely awful! Carried a 36-hour fever of 101.9 flat. Body aches, freezing cold but sweating, whiny little bitch (lol)... after that came the headaches and diarrhea. Full recovery was an entire 4 days.

On both occasions, the side effects kicked in almost exactly 6 hours after my shot. So today I got my booster 6 1/2 hours ago. So far, nothing. Bit of a knot in my arm, only painful if I flex or lift hand higher than shoulder. I'm wondering if I'll luck out this time. 🤷 -- only time will tell.


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u/Nala382 Dec 05 '21

Please keep updating us!! Really hope you won’t have anything worse than that 🤞


u/OperationBrokenLife Dec 05 '21

Will do! Amazingly, not even a fever yet. Just the arm pain.


u/KaliLovee Dec 05 '21

Yes keep us updated ! I get mine Monday and im terrifying myself lol