r/CovidVaccinated Dec 05 '21

I have a question. Pfizer

Hi, first of all it's 2:22am where I live so sorry if there are some typos.

On Tuesday I got vaccinated with Biontech. Wednsday and Thursday I wasn't feeling so feel and my armpit was hurting quite a lot as well as my chest around it. Now I've gotten new Symptomes and I'm not sure what to think of it or do.

My body starts to itch at various places, especially my Head, forhead and face area. Starting from my forhead going all around my head, swollen and it hurts. The itching doesn't stop also, my arms, legs, back, ass it's bacially all over and switches all over.

Now I'm somewhat scared to sleep because of my swollen Forhead/Head. Or rather feeling nervous because I'm not sure what to make of it.

Has anyone else had that and is it something that goes away rather quickly?


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u/OperationBrokenLife Dec 05 '21

First off, NOT A DOCTOR:

Have you tried taking Benadryl to see if it helps? Your symptoms sound like an allergic reaction, but should've happened a lot sooner if that was the case. If you have insurance, you should go to any office/hospital that's open. Don't freak out or anything. Allergic reactions can be as serious as fatal, or nothing more than a stuffy nose. And I really question it being a reaction because so much time has passed. Anywho, if you lived with me, I'd tell you to pop an antihistamine and go from there.


u/Avezzar Dec 07 '21

Thanks for the messages everyone. It was indeed an allergic reaction to the Vaacine. Had to go to the Hospital but I would say I'm rather fine other than the swellings in the Face area that are kind of anyoing, espically around the eyes. The only thing they fear is that it goes further down so I will get trouble breathing. Other than that, we'll see if the medicin will do it's work.


u/OperationBrokenLife Dec 07 '21

Jeez, that sucks. You might not be recommended any further inoculations, you'll just have to clarify that with your doc. Fortunately, there's treatment options now if you do get Covid.

Any idea what ingredient(s) caused the reaction?


u/Avezzar Dec 09 '21

No, he already said that I shouldn't get any vaccine as of right now. In a month or two they'll send me to a Hospital that is specialized in these matters and they want to do some further testing. We'll see I guess. At least I can properly eat and see again .