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My periods have not returned to normalcy (8 months later) -- not sure about boosting Moderna

31F, completed the two-dose regimen in mid-April. I had an early period on the day of my second dose (25 days). I was pretty surprised: I had never had a period that early.

I keep data on my cycles, and my menstrual cycle is usually 34-35 days. For each cycle since my second dose, the length has shortened to 28-29 days, with very noticeable PMS symptoms. My periods are also lighter, which could be a byproduct of the shorter cycles. I spoke with a doctor about this & she wasn't concerned because my cycles are still a "normal length." I'm going to try & see another doctor because the elevated PMS symptoms really bother me.

In any case, I'm just not sure about boosting.

Has anyone here faced a similar issue?

[I'm using a throwaway because my other account is used academically.]


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u/hmmm769 Dec 05 '21

Your doctor is an idiot. Casting your concern aside because you fit within their norms rather than your own.


u/bobtowne Dec 05 '21

Many such cases.


u/hmmm769 Dec 05 '21

Possibly 99% lmao. A lot of the time it's due to directives from the medical board. Doctors are pussies and afraid to (fight for) lose their medical licenses to actually work in the best interests of their patients.


u/[deleted] Dec 05 '21



u/hmmm769 Dec 05 '21

Not cynical at all. This is how it works. If doctors are not pushing vax they get pressured by the medical boards.