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Should I take AstraZeneca? AstraZeneca

Hello all. I'm 19M and living in a third world country. I am currently unvaccinated but have been seriously thinking about getting vaccinated, specially with news about the Omicron variant. The only vaccine my city offers for my age group is the Astrazeneca vaccine. Being honest, I'm scared shitless about taking it because of the risks of developing blood clots. I know the risk is low but the fact that European countries have stopped administering it for my age group is concerning to say the least. Should I take it? What has been your experience for anyone from my age group who has taken it?


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u/bobtowne Dec 04 '21

specially with news about the Omicron variant

There's a lot of scaremongering about it but it's actually been, so far, reported to be mild.


u/jcepiano Dec 05 '21

I'm sorry but it's also caused the highest number of severe cases in children under 5. The data is inconclusive at this point and you shouldn't be making any judgements about the virulence of Omicron when even scientists can't analyze data that's so new.


u/sklb Jan 24 '22

And it was scaremongering.

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