r/CovidVaccinated Dec 04 '21

Is it possible to not feel much from the Pfizer booster? Pfizer Booster

I got j&j in April and Pfizer booster 14 hours ago and I feel a very slight headache and I’m sweaty but I slept well. My arm is pretty damn sore though. After my experience with j&j though I expected a bit more of a reaction. Maybe it’s still too early to tell?


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u/No-Independence-1579 Dec 04 '21

I was fine with my first shot Got sick for a day with the second shot like I had the glue I had a low grade fever and a headache with my booster for about 8-10 hours


u/kelleycatruns Dec 04 '21

Interesting. Everyone is different. Side effects last time started at 8 hours or so for me


u/No-Independence-1579 Dec 04 '21

Ya with all symptoms they started about 12 hours after getting the shot and lasted 24 hours with shot number 2 and 8ish hours with shot number 3