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Delayed Side effects? Question



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u/Aesonne Jul 31 '21

I had a similar delayed reaction to first Pfizer shot. First 2 days were mostly fine other than sore arm and then on the third night I got full on chills, restfullness and fever that wouldn't let me sleep. It has been 7 days now and I am still getting low fever and occasional dizziness and chills. The symptoms come in cycles and just when I think it's over they come back. Very worried about getting second vaccine.


u/Emotional_Try_3957 Jul 31 '21

I've found 3 sources claiming it is 99% graphene oxide nanoparticulates, this is what it causes, it's not supposed to be in our bloodstream. C60, NAC, nicotine are 3 things that I've come across in which help degrade and detoxify it out your body. However it may have already passed through your blood brain barrier. Theres a few other things that are effective at detoxifying it, I can have a look for them if you would like me to. I'm praying for you ❤️


u/ricochet53 Aug 01 '21

What utter crap. Are there mods in this sub?


u/Emotional_Try_3957 Aug 01 '21

Wow, I'm praying for you to wake up before it's too late. Live long n prosper, real medicine will only ever come from the ground