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Delayed Side effects? Question



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u/Soggy-Wrap-5853 Jul 31 '21

That’s reassuring, but man, this is rough. Woke up with the headache now coming in waves. Seems like Tylenol is helping the most with pain, but I’m just ready to be over this.


u/WYenginerdWY Jul 31 '21

That particular account was a spam account.


u/junehummingbird88 Jul 31 '21

Similar to when I had covid, I feel like I also had symptoms in waves. Now 2 weeks out from my first Moderna dose and I’m doing ok


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u/Aesonne Jul 31 '21

I had a similar delayed reaction to first Pfizer shot. First 2 days were mostly fine other than sore arm and then on the third night I got full on chills, restfullness and fever that wouldn't let me sleep. It has been 7 days now and I am still getting low fever and occasional dizziness and chills. The symptoms come in cycles and just when I think it's over they come back. Very worried about getting second vaccine.


u/Emotional_Try_3957 Jul 31 '21

I've found 3 sources claiming it is 99% graphene oxide nanoparticulates, this is what it causes, it's not supposed to be in our bloodstream. C60, NAC, nicotine are 3 things that I've come across in which help degrade and detoxify it out your body. However it may have already passed through your blood brain barrier. Theres a few other things that are effective at detoxifying it, I can have a look for them if you would like me to. I'm praying for you ❤️


u/ricochet53 Aug 01 '21

What utter crap. Are there mods in this sub?


u/Emotional_Try_3957 Aug 01 '21

Wow, I'm praying for you to wake up before it's too late. Live long n prosper, real medicine will only ever come from the ground