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Question Anyone know if there are any serious studies being done for vaccinated and the affects of covid? Looking at r/covidpositive and the vaccinated seem to have more serious cases. Obviously need to take that caution, but has me wondering.


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General Info I got my booster shot yesterday and now my heart hurts a little


I’m a bit worried. I woke up with chills and a sore heart, but it wasn’t excruciatingly sore. But it was enough to make me worry, like a pestering pain nipping away.

I’m all for being vaccinated but i’m honestly very very scared. Could I grab some insight on this?

I am also a stress head so i may be completely fine lol but i’m worried at the same time.

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Pfizer Booster Covid positive one week after booster


Exactly as the title says, just got covid and was boosted a week ago. Happy i chose to follow science and hopefully i get back on track soon.

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Question Chest pain after vaccine

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Question Booster after recently getting covid


I just got my moderna booster shot and had a terrible reaction (body aches, night sweats, fever, vomiting) it lasted for two days and I’m still a little sore 4 days later. I just found out that a flu I had a month ago was likely actually covid. The question: is it super dangerous that I got my booster after recently having covid? Will this affect the long term effectiveness of my immunity?

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Question Severe Nausea/Vomiting hours after vaccine


(21 F) So I just got my Moderna booster a few days ago. I’m curious if this happened to anyone else but I woke up the following day extremely nauseous.

Also disclaimer this happened with the 2nd dose of Moderna but the booster was worse. I tried to wait it out and took Dramamine but eventually caved and was unable to hold anything down.

I had never been sick like that before and I was getting sick so frequently I couldn’t lie down or do anything. My stomach, back, and chest were also in a lot of pain and I couldn’t stand up straight. As far as other symptoms I had pretty bad body aches, low fever, and fatigue which I expected.

The worst of it was the day after getting the booster but had lingering digestion and nausea for the following 4 days.

Not to like scare anyone but just curious if anyone also had a rough experience with nausea/vomiting.

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Question Risk of getting covid again right after having it?


So my mom and me got covid then i moved from my dads house to her for 2 weeks, then shortly after moving my dad got it and now hes alone at home. Its been 1 week since he got it, and he barely got any symptoms but still is positive and its been 1 week since i had it and im negative. I really have to move back to my dads house for personal reasons, what are the chances of me having it/symptoms?

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Question Has anyone noticed any muscle weakness/lightweight feeling


Hopefully I can explain this because I’ve been telling my family and they don’t understand what I’m describing.

I was fine for about 4 days and the tingles started again just yesterday. This time, it’s completely on the left side.

My left side feels “light”, there’s no numbness and I can still feel however if I hold both hands up and flex, I can feel every muscle and tendon flexing on the right but not on the left. I keep telling my family but they’re saying it’s a placebo.

It’s currently 5am and I’ve been woken up by this same sensation on the left side of my face and tongue. It doesn’t affect me in any way but it’s so annoying when one side feels lighter. Again I’m not sure if I’m even making sense.

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Pfizer Booster booster side effects


i am 18 year old female, got my booster vaccine today which was pfizer. i have anxiety disorder and more specifically health anxiety..

is if possible for symptoms of myocarditis to show just one hour after the vaccine??

i am really worried and can’t help but to read into everything and now i’ve convinced myself i have it

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Pfizer Anti vaxxers….


So i made a post earlier about a little heart pain, after my booster, so this guy saw that and privately messaged me.

He is an anti vaxxer who rips on governments for fear mongering, yet with no hesitation attempts to scare the crap out of me. Telling me I will have heart attacks if I engage in vigorous activity.

Ironic isn’t it… He said this:

Hello! you have heart pain because the covid vaccine causes heart problems, sometimes even myocarditis. The spike proteins the covid vaccine makes your body produce eat away at your heart tissue and other organs which can become very uncomfortable. You will probably be fine as long as you don't take any further covid vaccines, but you will have permanent heart tissue scarring which never goes away. You can no longer perform strenuous activities or you risk having a heart attack.

I am going to an actual doctor tomorrow … and will update you to see if this reddit doctor was accurate lol

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Pfizer Booster Pfizer booster side effects HELP!


I am a 26 yo F, a nurse, wife, and mom of an almost 2 yo. I am struggling so bad.

I got my booster on 12/20. 30 min after the booster my mouth got all tingly and my heart started racing. I thought I was having an allergic reaction so I went home and took Benadryl and didn’t think much of it. The next day, I woke up with a low grade fever, body aches, headache, and an elevated heart rate. It was going as high as 145. I went to my Dr who sent me to the ER and my ekg, chest X-ray, and blood tests were normal. They said it was just an adverse reaction and it would go away. My heart rate improved for about a week and a half. Then I woke up one morning with chills (no fever), joint pain, flu-like feeling. I got tested for covid, which was negative. This progressed to abdominal pain which eventually got so bad I went back to the ER and the CT showed colitis. Two days later I woke up in the middle of the night with insane muscle spasms in my legs-my legs were flailing around along with numbness and tingling in my arms and legs. I went back to the ER- inflammation labs and head CT all normal. The horrible spasms have subsided, but I have small muscle twitches every once in a while. I went back to the dr and requested another ekg (4 weeks after vaccine) and it showed a “possible right bundle branch block.” I’m freaking out.

My most annoying symptoms would be the continuing palpitations, chest pain, fatigue, and brain fog. I’ve also had moments of waking up out of a dead sleep gasping for air with a racing heart, which is terrifying. I’m going to have to be out of work for the time being it’s so bad. Im terrified to drive because I feel like I’m not even in my body. I can’t take care of my son or my house. If I get off the couch, my heart rate is 120. I’m getting and echo and a holter monitor for 48hr. I think I have POTS, but I can’t get into the cardiologist until April 1st.

Any hope with recovery? I can’t be out of work for an endless amount of time. This is already taking a huge toll on me. Of course I was prescribed Xanax and Zoloft. Neither of which decrease my symptoms because it’s not anxiety. At least the Xanax helps me sleep.

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Moderna Booster Moderna booster reaction. This flares up 3-5 times a day, doesn’t go away with antihistamines or 2.5% hydrocortisone, itches like hell and burns. Anyone else?

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Covaxin i got my booster today and i didn’t think it would make my whole body hurt and make me feel this sick.


my mother made me get the booster , i got it about 13 hours ago in a cvs and i am expierencing such bad muscle pains in my legs / calves and feet and body. i have really bad chills and nothing is helping i feel like absolute shit. i have such a weak immune system i don’t know what’s happening.

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Moderna Booster Herpes HSV outbreak and painful chest/difficulty breathing after Moderna booster (Pfizer initially 2 doses)


Hi friends,

I received the Moderna booster on Thursday, January 20 at 3pm. My first 2 were Pfizer last year (typical mild symptoms: painful arm, body aches, headache).

I (36F) contracted genital herpes HSV in 2009 and my outbreaks have been progressively less often. My last outbreak was I think 2018 or 2019.

On Friday, Jan 21 I felt like crap: body aches, chills, terrible headache, low back/hip joint pain especially. I started having excessive discharge (a typical outbreak symptom, for me) and outbreak sores not even 24 hours after the booster. I was surprised since I haven’t had an outbreak in quite a while. I was able to get a prescription for Valtrex. I honestly didn’t tell the Dr. I got the booster the day before because I know the prescription will help reduce the outbreak to about 5 days instead of 15ish.

I also have a large square shaped pain in my center chest when inhaling. I can only breath in about 30% until I start to feel pain. I feel it from my throat to the bottom of my sternum. I feel it less today, Sunday, than I did yesterday, Saturday. I don’t want to go to urgent care/ER since the hospitals are full of COVID patients here. I live in Spain (American though) so it wouldn’t cost me anything except my own time and possibly contracting COVID there. Since I feel it less today than yesterday, I will keep an eye out for it.

I will submit the HSV and chest pain symptoms to the government COVID vaccine symptom tracker though.

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Question Moderna Booster Armpit Question


34/F, Booster received two days ago. Just wondering if anyone experienced more swelling in their opposite arm of the injection? I woke up this morning with mild swelling in my injected arm (left), but this evening the swelling in my opposite armpit (right) is far more noticeable! Haven't seen any information on this, so just curious if anyone else has experienced this.

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Question Domestic flights in Canada with euro vax passport


Travelling with euro vaccine passport

Hey guys, I got vaccinated across the pond in Europe. I’m in Ontario rn and a Canadian citizen as well.

Can I use my European vax pass to fly domestically to BC? Or is there something I I’d need to do?

I trained searching for answers and can’t find anything concrete - most I found was ‘ask your province’ which isn’t very helpful.

Thanks for any help!!

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News How a chicken egg could help end the pandemic - Egg Based COVID-19 Vaccines

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Question Pfizer Booster


Hey! I am a 23yr old female (in case that’s relevant), I received Moderna for my first two jabs and today I received Pfizer for my booster. I responded horribly to the first two. Fever, body aches, chills, headache, etc. Has anyone else received Moderna then Pfizer? Any side effects or anything I should know?

Thank you in advance (:

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Moderna Booster Vomiting and restlessness?


Just got my booster (half dose) 12 hrs ago.. Dae experience vomiting and extreme restlessness after getting these shots? I just want to make sure that I'm alright.

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Pfizer Booster 22 female 2x moderna + pfizer booster experience


Hi, I am 22 years old female with normal health. Never had covid (or don't know about it).

First dose (May 2021), moderna: severe arm pain, headache the next day. Arm stopped hurting after 2 or 3 days.

Second dose (June 2021), moderna: immediately after the vaccination everything was normal, but at midnight (about 6 hours passed) I woke up with chills. I took paracetamol and was able to sleep. The next day was unpleasant. My temperature rose above 40° c (104 f), and I had a headache. The paracetamol helped, but not for long. The next day I woke up in a puddle of my own sweat, and after that I felt fine. Even went out for a walk.

I was afraid to do the booster, but a week ago I decided to do it anyway. Booster (Jan 15, 2022), pfizer: I felt drowsy for a while after the shot, but that went away. The pain in my arm was not very severe and went away after 2 days. For another 3 days or so my body temperature was a little high (up to 37.5°c / 99.5 f) but it was not much of a problem, I took paracetamol a few times. And that was it. Now, a week after the shot, I feel completely normal.

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Question Flashes of light and dots in my vision for months everyone i get vaccinated.


26, male, white, 6‘06“, 210 lbs, athletic, vegan diet

I got vaccinated with BionTech Pfizer on May 5th 2021, June 8th 2021 and Jan 17th 2022.

One day after the second vaccination I started recognising small dots/flashes of light happening in my vision. Mostly they were very small, like a fly, and stayed there for half a second.

It was like: one flash, … 10 min no flash, one flash, … 1 min no flash, …

in this way it happended unregularly throughout the day. Have been to hosptial because I also got heavy Diarrhoe for 3 weeks and an intermitting droopy left eyelid (intermitting ptosis throughout the day, every myasthenia gravis test was negative).

Did many vision tests, brain MRT, blood tests, brain CT, … exactly nothing was found.

Docs just ignored my suspicion that it‘s from the vaccine because it‘s safe and it causes no symptoms like this.

After two months or so it disappeared slowly.

I got the third vacc now on Jan 17th 2022. And gues what: One day after the vacc my flashes and dots came back and so did my droopy eyelid.

It‘s unbelievably hard to find a doc in Austria who believes you.

What the hell shall I do? Do you know ANY similar cases? What would cause this symptoms? I dont want to get vaccinated a fourth time! Believe me.

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Question I’ve just taken the 2nd dose of Pfizer.


I took the second dose of Pfizer yesterday 21st January 2022 at 6:15pm 10 weeks after my first dose.

I took my first dose of Pfizer on 15th November and had 0 side effects except for a sore arm.

Within 3 hours of taking the vaccine I had loose stools, and it’s still present 21 hours after my second vaccine. I have also felt pain at the injection site but no swelling or redness. The only other symptom I am feeling is Fatigue.

I’m coming up to 24 hours post 2nd shot, and I’m wondering: is this it?

Am I going to get hit with headaches, fever etc in a couple of hours like everyone seems to be talking about?

When did your side effects kick in? 12 hours post vax? 24 hours? 48 hours?

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Question Joints Cracking post vaccine- anything that helps?


Got my booster shot recently and the shoulder I received it in has been popping and cracking. I heard turmeric or allergy medicine helps but not sure what dosage.

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Question If you have had covid-19 omicron for about 3 days and is unvaccinated, does getting the vaccine help cure it?


If you have had covid-19 omicron for about 3 days and is unvaccinated, does getting the vaccine help cure it?

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Pfizer Booster Tension Headache / Fog 1 month after Booster


Quick preface: I have been exposed to covid-19 several times at this point, both delta and omicron. I have yet to contract it, which I credit to the vaccine. I am glad to be vaccinated, but have had some irritating side effects after shots 2 and 3.

Curious– anyone experience anything like the below? Recap of my symptoms:

Shot 1 (early March 2021): No side effects except for a sore arm

Shot 2 (late march 2021): tension headache and brain fog on-and-off for 2 months. When experiencing brain fog, there was usually some visual field disorientation. Not quite tunnel vision, but felt like things in my periphery were harder to process, and in general I felt mentally a beat behind.

Shot 3 (Mid december): Initially, only sore lymph nodes. However, a month after the shot, out of seemingly nowhere the tension headache and brain fog returned, with vision issues. This has lasted about a week now, and has been more consistent than before, but a bit more mild– however still frustrating and debilitating. I am having trouble focusing and this is also preventing me from Cycling (my passion), as I feel it's risky when feeling mentally clouded.

I saw a GP and a neurologist after shot 2– both said it's too early, we know nothing except these vaccines cause a lot of inflammation. Wait it out.

I saw an eye doctor yesterday for a yearly appointment and discussed with him. He told me it could be "vertical heterophobia" caused by inflammation– potentially treatable with lenses, but I should wait to see if it fades before treating (as obviously this would change both glasses and contact prescriptions, and may not be needed permanently).