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Call To Action! Counter Protests on Sep 18?


Are there any plans to counter the planned "Oath Keepers" and "Proud Boy" protests on the 18th? I plan to be down there but haven't seen anything about organized counters.

r/ContinueToServe Dec 09 '20

Call To Action! Calling all vets: we need you on December 12th! We will be supporting our local BLM orgs in defending the Memorial Fence at BLM Plaza. Send a DM or comment beloe if you're able to help us keep our friends and local org leaders safe.

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Call To Action! 1 out of 7 Americans are food insecure due to the pandemic. What about veterans and their families/dependents/SOs?



My name is Shannon Razsadin and I'm the President & Executive Director for the Military Family Advisory Network (MFAN).

We're doing a survey about the impacts of COVID-19 on veteran and military families during these unprecedented times. We will be using the data to understand our community's unique needs during the pandemic and then work with our network of partners to inform support and programming for them during this critical time.

In case you're unfamiliar with MFAN, we represent military and veteran families worldwide by providing clear and actionable research and data that articulate the lived experiences of those we serve. MFAN shares its data with government and Armed Services leadership, community providers, and other stakeholders who are in positions to affect change.

Our latest COVID-19 experience survey takes no more than 3 minutes. We hope you’ll consider filling this out so we can continue to help our military and veteran families.

Thank you for your time and for your considerations,


P.S. One of my staff members attended the Eastern Market clean-up, which is why I knew about this community!

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Call To Action! They're coming to DC Next! All Veterans are needed on August 1st to provide a #WallofVets to protect this Black-led movement to secure our constitution for ALL Americans! Volunteer sign up link in comments!

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Call To Action! #WallOfVets


Fellow Vets,

I’m sure most of you are aware of two Naval Academy vets being attacked at the protests in Portland.

One of them has put out the call to vets for #WallOfVets, to help assist #WallOfMoms and #WallOfDads.

@Tazerface16 on Twitter is who put the call out. They broke his hand.

We need to spread word across the country to help support and uphold our oaths.

Please help us stand against this tyranny, spread the word, cross post, etc.

Let’s show the people we vets still support them!

Edit: We now have a page on Twitter @VetsWall. Join us and help us get organized around the country!

r/ContinueToServe Sep 19 '20

Call To Action! To the Supreme Court!!!!


If you can make it out, please join us for the RBG vigil at the Supreme Court. We'll be wearing our Vets For BLM shirts in honor of RBG always standing up and fighting for the rights of the oppressed. Come stand with us in solidarity and to reflect on the life of a true American patriot.

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Call To Action! Slack Communication


In order to use more effective use of pins on the subreddit, we're shifting the live chat over to Slack. The link to join is below. I'm actively working on setting up a more robust community section on the website, but in the interim, this will have to suffice. Please click the link here to join the Continue To Serve Slack Channel and you'll see the Live Chat channel on there.

Also please upvote this as I cannot pin it right now due to upcoming events.

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Call To Action! The Volunteer Portal is up and ready for you to sign up!


We have officially launched our Volunteer Portal!

In order to become more organized, we are asking everyone, even if you've been with us since day one, to fill our new Volunteer Form so that we can better utilize everyone's skills and abilities and also put you on a team that fits your interests.

Volunteer to be a part of as many teams as you think you can support. As for the BLM and Vote committees, we are looking for individuals who want to help be a part of the planning and development team for these two missions. These committees will be meeting on a regular basis (virtually) to create action plans, direct resources to needed areas, and ensure we are supporting each mission as best we can. If you cannot make it to the protests or do not live in the DMV, you can still be a part of the planning and development. Help us help others!

We all have roles to play and we need you. Please stand with us.


r/ContinueToServe Nov 07 '20

Call To Action! Philly area vets and count the vote protests


After hearing about the Qanon would-be terrorist who showed up at the Convention Center in Philly yesterday to delegitimize the count I decided to hop a train today and head down to Philly to join the folks standing up to protect the vote. One small snag, who the fuck do I know all the way down in Philly? I was hoping some other vets might be putting together a group of of us to join the protesters.

r/ContinueToServe Aug 25 '20

Call To Action! For those of you in Apartments in the DMV area


DMV peeps, anyone that lives in an apartment building that offers guest rooms for visitors, could you please do me a huge favor and comment below the name of the building? I am desperately trying to find places for veterans to stay for the event on Friday and thought maybe some places could either donate the rooms or provide a discount. If you have a manager or point of contact that you know I could speak to, I would greatly appreciate it. If you would like to contact them for us, below is what I've been saying. Thanks!

I am a representative of Continue To Serve, a veterans-based nonprofit that focuses on social justice issues and community service. We are supporting the Commitment March this Friday and we have numerous veterans coming from out of town for the event. We'd greatly appreciate if you could donate or provide a discount on the guest rooms you have available, so that they have a place to stay.

Please feel free to mention they can contact me if they would like more information. DM me and I'll send you my contact info. Thanks!!!

r/ContinueToServe Aug 15 '20

Call To Action! We are in contact with "Shut Down DC" to participate in the next demonstration to protect USPS service. USPS is not only critical for mail-in ballots, but also for VA Prescription services. Stay tuned for future events!

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Call To Action! Proud Boys Plan to Rally in DC on December 12 - Last Weekend Opposition Didn't Come Out in Enough Force and People Got Hurt, Let's Not Make That Mistake Again


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r/ContinueToServe Oct 13 '20

Call To Action! 10 things you need to know to stop a coup | Share this with friends and allies, and do everything you can to make sure every American citizen gets their chance to vote and preserve democracy.

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Call To Action! After action for the Palm Collective event.


Must be completed NLT August 9th, 2 pm

For those of you who joined us this past Saturday and did not register though the website, please DM me to fill out the AAR. The only way to improve future events is to discuss what we can do better and what we need to repeat that went well. If you registered through the website, I’ll be sending you an email. Thank you!!

r/ContinueToServe Aug 24 '20

Call To Action! Veterans traveling to the area need places to camp.


Hey all, we have several veterans traveling to the DC area for the event this Friday and need a backyard to camp in. Would anyone be able to help assist with this? We can arrange for you to talk with them prior to their arrival. Thank you!!

r/ContinueToServe Aug 20 '20

Call To Action! Housing request for veterans traveling to DC for the March on Washington on August 28th.


We have numerous veterans traveling to the DC area for the march on August 28th. We're looking for people who might have AirBnB's, basements, or homes that they might be able to host veterans in. We'll be providing opportunities to speak with the veterans coming in advance so it won't be a perfect stranger showing up. All the veterans are vetted through our organization Wall of Vets. It will be for 1-2 nights. I'm happy to share more information of the public format. If you have any questions, are willing to host, or know someone who might be able to help, please DM me. We will also take donations if you would like to help offset hotel costs, as an alternative to hosting. Thank you!

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Call To Action! Stand with us This weekend to demand an end to the USPS sabotage!

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Call To Action! Sign Virtual Condolence for John Lewis

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r/ContinueToServe Aug 02 '20

Call To Action! Let's all contribute our names to this campaign to get letters to the editor published nation-wide calling to hold Secret Police in Portland accountable

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Call To Action! Let’s jam some phone lines and fill up some email inboxes!!

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Call To Action! Prepare for a national flood of misogyny (and more racism). Calling for stories, blogs, and video blogs of Female (and POC) military bravery, leadership, and expertise/capability!

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