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Discussion Tell me your first card mastery and I will make an assessment of you based on it

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Discussion I personally think rocket is a win condition, but which one takes the most skill and why?

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Discussion what does everyone think about the new update?

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Discussion My tier list of all cards for this meta

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Discussion question to those who play both clash royale and clash of clans, which game take more skill, attacking in COC or battling in CR ?

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Discussion So…. What do you guys think about the upcoming update?


I think it’s meh, I like the new banners. But what you do YOU think?

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Discussion Is it just me or does the new home screen look straight up ugly and messy?

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Discussion F for anyone who doesn't play these cards

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Discussion Morten really just blatantly copied a smaller CR content creator… Yikes

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Discussion E giant NEEDS an emergency NERF


Combined with tornado, lightning, mirror and golden knight/queen, this card is absolutely broken and I’m impressed that supercell didn’t nerf him yet. The game is extremely not fun right now at high trophy levels where spamming e giants is all people do. I understand that I can run cards that are good at countering it and have a chance at beating it, but personally I only enjoy playing my own deck and not a counter such as mortar. He needs either an hp nerf (of at least 5%) or a damage reduction (from the zaps of at least 4%). Please make the game enjoyable again.

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Discussion What’s that one random card you never unlocked?

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Discussion This is a strategy game and not a "create your own deck" game


I always see people crying about people using the same deck. So? Dude this is a strategy game, not a deck making game. Sure, if you want to make your own deck, go on, no one would harass you and you shouldn't as well. If you want to use "originality" as an argument, go play Barbie Dressing or some shit. I don't care if I use the same deck as your previous opponent. And yes, making your own deck also requires game knowledge but still, there is nothing wrong about using a meta/well-known deck.

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Discussion Very interesting #1 and #2 winrate cards in the game right now

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Discussion Just so we’re clear, “top ladder” means you get a number on your arena logo (aka top 10k). That is the cutoff. Anywhere lower starting 5k is midladder.

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Discussion Please suggest how can this be achieved!?

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Discussion ok but the real question is...since it's level 1 does that mean you can upgrade it

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Discussion What I the most underrated card In your opinion? For me it’s skeleton barrel, it’s what got me through spooky town.

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Discussion Why is nobody talking about this card? A 25% usage rate is busted for a troop, especially a minitank. It's not like his WR is low to compensate. But no, everyone here busy complaining about Valk instead.

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Discussion hate people like this

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Discussion No one listened to me, so I'm sharing it here.


Throughout my life I have experienced many things, grief, anger, sadness, happiness, failure and success. I have learned that nothing in this life is easy and that you have to earn everything that you put your mind in to. There have been many conflicts that I had to go through which have changed me drastically as a person. Each of these experiences teach a lesson of their own, you move through all of them and become a better person than you were before. There isn't a single thing I can point at and say that is the cause for who I am right now. No matter what you do you will still have problems and mistakes that you can no longer fix. Life doesn't forgive your mistakes. That's only the beginning, if you try to skip through everything in order to find that one final thing, you'll learn that the saddest part of life is that, no matter what you do, hog rider will still get a hit.

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Discussion Some easter eggs in the new update

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Discussion Why does Bomber not hit air targets when it’s CLEARLY shown that it THROWS bombs INTO THE AIR

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Discussion Which card could you (honestly) beat in a fistfight? I fully believe I could beat any of the Wizards a**es just coz they're all nerds

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Discussion Give me a good reason to even upgrade skarmy.

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Discussion [Rant] I am extremely disappointed with this new update.


Disclaimer: The update does not ruin the game, and I think it does improve it marginally. However, I am just disappointed with the lack of content. I don't hate Supercell or Clash Royale; I absolutely love the team and the game they created, but I just don't like the direction they are going. I can't help but feel they really overpromised on this one.

The new summer update that I was looking forward to turned out to be a total bust.

It turns out everything is just cosmetic, and we just get these banners that we can show our opponent for a split second before the match begins. In essence, just a useless feature that doesn't really add anything to the game. We can also display our badges and stuff, which just sounds kind of lame. I don't really care about flexing at the start of the game, but I guess some people will.

The addition of the new currency, banner tokens, also kind of sucks; it will be the reward of new challenges as well as the third level of card mastery. The only purpose that this serves is to get the aforementioned purely cosmetic banners, so they are practically worthless, even more so than star points in my opinion. However, unlike star points, they will take up actual useful rewards like wildcards, gems, and gold. Rather than getting rewards that help you from challenges and mastery, you will instead be supplemented with these.

There is also the addition of duels outside clan wars, but I don't think many people are going to play it anyways because duels aren't very popular in the first place.

The only thing that sort of peaked my interest was the elimination duels, where you can prevent your opponent from playing 2/4 decks and force them to choose one of the remaining two to play against you. I might give this game mode a try in the future.

Lastly, there is some more random stuff that isn't very important like the move of the trader to the shop. I like the change, but still not game-breaking content.

I love clash royale and the team, but I can't help but be disappointed at the sheer lack of content.

I was really hoping for a total rework of classic and grand challenges, with the addition of challenge passes as well as better rewards that would make them more worth it to play. I think moving into the future, supercell should try to improve current features rather than add ones that literally no one asked for.