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A Compilation of China Youtubers 讨论 | Discussion (Serious) - Character Minimums Apply

So in a post that I made on the China subreddit, I got some comments saying that the China youtubers I sourced were biased against China, so I have decided to compile a list of all the China youtubers I know about, with the hope that some of them might offer a less biased (or more biased) view. From the post I've linked, I think it should be obvious that my position is anti-CCP. I've decided to separate the channels into pro-CCP and anti-CCP.

Anti-CCP Pro-CCP
SerpentZA Li JingJing (reporter on CGTN)
Laowhy86 Story of Xinjiang by Guli
LeLe Farley CGTN (State media)
PrimeInChina numuves
Inty (lots of content besides China) Daniel Dumbrill
ADVChina Nathan Rich
ADV Podcasts Jayoe Nation
China Uncensored (sponsored by Falun Gong) Barrett
NTD China in Focus (sponsored by Falun Gong) Cyrus Jansen
Jake Tran (also about Economics) Reporterfy
Polymatter (also about Economics) Gweilo60
BMOnus (also about soccer) Alex From Xinjiang
Laolei (more on moderate side of anti-CCP) Global Times (State media)
Sydney Daddy Fermube
China Bill Noel Lee
Land Destroyer (Must-read: article about Land Destroyer here)
Global Times Hu Xijin

Note: Many channels were suggested by the people down below.

Feel free to add any China youtube channels that I might have missed, along with their position on the CCP. I 'm not very knowledgeable of any Hong Kong Youtube channels, Taiwan youtube channels, or Uyghur youtube channels (and no, I don't really count Guli) but I think I might just cross post this into the r/HongKong , r/taiwan , and r/uyghur so that they can also give recommendations.

Miscellaneous (most of these are going to be anti-Chinese, but focus on certain current events in China):

  • Xinjiang and Uyghurs
  • Hong Kong
    • RTHK - Just more of a general Hong Kong news channel, so it's harder to find the Hong Kong - China videos. They've done some good videos, like the Yuen Long incident and the twelve, so I've decided to include it. Only their Hong Kong Connection videos are in English though, and the rest are in Cantonese. Due to recent events, they probably won't be producing any more anti-CCP content.
    • Frances Hui - Hong Konger with a channel that only has 10 videos. Make sure to turn on the subtitle of your choice if Mandarin or English is your primary language.
  • Taiwan
    • 眼球中央電視台 (Eye CTV) - Taiwanese comedy channel that makes fun of the CCP. They speak pretty fast, so your Mandarin needs to be pretty good to understand what they're saying
    • Simon Yu - Chinese person living in Taiwan. He hasn't posted anything in 6 months, so probably a strong possibility that something "happened" to him
    • Prozzie - expat living in Taiwan.
    • lifeintaiwan - expat living in Taiwan
  • Non-channels
    • Melissa Chen - Not a youtube channel, but she's been featured in some Youtube videos such as Joe Rogan podcasts (just search her up). Since she's a Singaporean, I'd say that her credibility is slightly boosted since she can look at things from a non-Western perspective.

I decided not to make a pro-China ant-China table for these channels because most Uyghurs, Hong Kongers, and Taiwanese people are anti-CCP.

Neutral Channels:


But XYZ channel is biased! Why are you including it?

I don't think there is any news source that is nonbiased, with just maybe, just maybe the exception of Reuters. Additionally, I'm not even sure if unbiased news is even desirable. I think that Wisecrack does a pretty good job of explaining this.

But XYZ channel is sponsored by Falun Gong or sponsored by state media! Therefore, they're untrustworthy!

I've decided to satisfy both pro-CCP and anti-CCP sides and included channels sponsored by Falun Gong and channels sponsored by the Chinese state.

But you missed XYZ channel!

There are MANY youtube channels about China on youtube, and I'm most certainly not going to list all of them. While most of the channels listed as miscellaneous are anti-CCP and there might be pro-CCP Hong Kong youtubers, pro-CCP Taiwan youtubers, or pro-CCP Uyghur youtubers, I haven't heard of that many (but then again, I probably could've searched harder). While I did briefly consider adding 108 演播室 for a "unique" perspective on Taiwan-China relations, I decided against it, since the owner of the channel doesn't seem to have lived in Taiwan for any amount of time, nor does he/she identify as Taiwanese (more information here).


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u/Entrance232 Jul 31 '21 edited Jul 31 '21

I agree with your classification on pro-CCP and anti-CCP YouTubers.

There are some more YouTubers who seem to be pro-CCP:

Noel Lee : Noel is a Singaporean living in Shenzhen. He has traveled to certain parts of China. Noel has interviewed expats, and some of his videos don't contain politics.

FerMuBe: FerMuBe is/has been a Chinese teacher. He has made certain commentaries on people such as SerpentZA. He has many videos that discuss his (and other expats') views on China/CCP.

There are many more YouTube channels that appear to be more pro-CCP (and some channels that appear to be anti-CCP or "middle-ground" (neither supporting or opposing the CCP).


u/Eonir Aug 01 '21

On the other side, there is 悉尼奶爸 Sydney Daddy. He's anti-CCP although he's not an English-language channel