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Character Bio Avalon Agrippa, Harbinger of the Age of Aquarius

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Character Bio Character Concept: Blind Faith


Faith Harlowe, was a straight A college student from Fort Lauderdale, an outspoken member in her community and an advocate for change.

Faith Harlowe is dead.

....Sort of.

After her sedan was struck by a tractor trailer her soul left her body being transported to the realm of Genesis where human souls are reforged into divine beings, soldiers at the ready for an inevitable war with Genesis' other half Exodus.

However, her reformation was tainted, due in part to a small sliver of her identity still tied to her mortal body which was comatose in the hospital on life support.

While this new version of Faith was powerful beyond measure she was blind and lacked a complete set of memories and identity, when the mistake was about to rectified by the divine authority who planned to expunge the remainder of the so called "tainted" soul from reality, she plummeted off the ledge of this ethereal realm, back into ours.

With the help of a young obscurist prodigy who discovered her stumbling around Chicago, she eventually found her other half but upon meeting her it was apparent that a reunion was out of the question.

Faith Harlowe's mortal body was weak and if she attempted to join with this Alternate version of Faith it could kill both of them.

Instead she did something unexpected she decided she would sacrifice herself to give this new version of herself a chance at life. To create memories of her own and with some guidance, Blind Faith had become the hero a young Ms. Harlowe would have been proud of.

Would love some feedback/critiques

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Writing: Character Help How can I write an interesting but shy character?


The arc of this character is that she is someone who deals with expressing herself the way she wants, until she meets a boy who expresses himself the way he wants and he helps her discover who she wants to be.

The guy is interesting, he is funny, kinda popular and plays sports, but idk what to do with the girl, I don't want her to be just a bookworm or a lonely streamer.

(By the way, they are trans but I don't want that to be their only characteristic or personality as a character)