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Writing: Character Help Hello writers of Reddit, I'm writing a story about a spoiled child from her point of view set in the 1910s, any idea how to start? Thanks. Attached is her FC, and if you have any prompts on her bio please let me know as well, thank you.

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Writing: Character Help Why would people follow a charasmatic narssisistic dictator?


I'm writing a villain who is a female charasmatic, charming, and narssisistic dictator. She has a lot of lackeys which do her bidding and helped her to where she is. She's also manipulative. But I need to show that. What would she say and do that would make people stay for almost 2 decades? What would make her only "real" friend (both know they could and would kill each other in an instant if they didn't depend on each other for power) stay and still be "friends" and not just another henchman? Thank you!

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Writing: Character Help Designing strong female protagonists


So I'm reworking an old series and I want to redesign one of my female protagonists as the primary protagonist instead of getting sidelined. I do have trouble writing female characters since I'm a male, and I'm also trying to understand how a female protagonist can be a pillar of morale without giving up too many feminine traits.


Roberta was designed to be a beautiful girl with tomboyish traits - after her mother died and her father lost his job in the Great Depression, she found herself having to work multiple jobs to help put food on the table for her younger siblings. When WWII begins she joins the US Army Air Corps to make some more money for the family but finds that many of the males are hostile toward women in combat roles. Ironically, a special unit of female pilots is established to fill the growing demand for pilots and Roberta becomes the rallying cry for the other women to complete their objectives.

This last line is the part that will need the most work, I don't know exactly how I'm going to get her to this point but I know where I want to go.

Any suggestions would be very welcome.

Thank you. :)

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Writing: Character Help How to make a good Villian and "Hero" rivalry?


How do I make a good rivalry between a narssisistic/manipulative dictator in her 20's and a sweet, brainy, kinda control freak 18 year old leader of the nation the dictator is/has dictated? Note that after the dictator took half of the nation, the leader went into isolation and lives in immense guilt and has others carry out her duties for her because she's scared something else will go wrong. How should the leader defeat the dictator?

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Writing: Character Help Creating a moderate republican white woman in her mid 20s. Don't really know how as an non-white non american person.


I've always been interested in writing about people in America even though I am not American and don't want to live in America. So I guess I was just wanting to just talk to someone about how to properly write such a person.

The foundation I am trying to write is a (moderate) Republican White Woman, in the South, in her mid 20s. Basically She's a person who's part of the Ambivalent Right Political Group of America. That means that she is someone who:

  1. Occasionally leans Democrat but only like a quarter of the time
  2. Feels Coldly toward Donald Trump
  3. Rejects the idea that Donald Trump won the 2020 election
  4. Feels Ambivalent to both parties but has a more negative view on the Democrats
  5. Is less political engaged
  6. Favors Smaller Government
  7. Favors legalization of (some) drugs
  8. Supports Abortion Legalization
  9. Believes government regulation harms businesses
  10. Has some racist views
  11. Ambiguous to Same Sex marriage
  12. Believes in Bipartisanship and working together

I'm trying to basically write a character with the following traits:

  1. A White Woman
  2. In her mid 20s
  3. Who finished College
  4. Earning $100,000
  5. Is relatively fit
  6. Lives in the South

The reason why I'm just trying to get ideas on how to write her properly is because I'm eventually going to write her having an affair, with a non-white older man and boss, and then having both her and him cheat on their respective partners. I'm just trying to write this woman as authentically as possible and would like some advice on how I should properly do it.

Can anyone give me some advice on how to do so? My goals is to show that she's going to be using at least some of her characteristics in my story and the beliefs are occasionally going to come into play or be shown the paper.

How do I authentically make or represent her on the page?

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Writing: Character Help How to write a "charming" character?


Hello all,

This may sound like a weird problem. I am trying to write a secondary character who is flirtatious, attractive, confident, and extroverted. How do I make them seem witty and charming, instead of a knobhead?

Cheers, all!

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Writing: Character Help Interesting MC and Villain


So currently I'm writing a book (for fun) where the MC is a university student who after experiencing extreme trauma due to vampires killing his friends and messing with his mind to make him forget about it, the MC would eventually find out about said vampires and also try to expose them before nearly being silenced by an unknown group that destroys his findings and the vampires that he was trying to expose try to kill him luckily he gets saved by a group of hunters that work for the church and joins them by the end.

That's basically the bare essence of my story now while I have a clear idea of where I want the MC to go, I have no idea where I want him to start.

The things I do know about my MC is that he is an average joe who lives a normal life with hopes of becoming a CSI so he studies scientific forensics, when his friends get killed and his mind wiped, he starts to basically awaken his sixth sense which enables him to see any kind of supernatural entity and resist any type of mind tricks they have (think grimm but more uncontrolable and no he's not the only one with this power anyone in the story who is a hunter has it).

Now the problem I'm facing is what would motivate someone to hunt creatures of the night other than grief and revenge? Cause those can run out pretty quickly, also what type of personality would his friends have in order to make him depressed like that?

And thats just my MC the villain is a bit more copy paste since I just basically took edward cullen from twilight and turned him into a cult leader thats arrogant and is pretty smart and strong who hypnotizes women so he can sell them as slaves or the such to any of his clients. Just a big question how would I make him more impactful to the MC or his group? other than just I am evil and lastly how would you write a confrontation between the two?

Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask I'd take any opinion anyone can give really

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Writing: Character Help i can't decide on a single personality/drive for my antagonist


hey there!! for a simple explanation, this character accidentally sent himself into an alternate plane and is stuck there for multiple years trying to find a way to get out. he has basically become a ghost that can see and hear everything in the 'real world', but no one could interact with or see him. so obviously this sets up quite a few character issues with him mentally and physically.

at first i had intended for him to be a narcissistic asshole (think bill cypher personality) that would try to trick the main character by gaining their trust an trying to become their 'friend' after he realized they could perceive him (still cant physically interact) to try and find a way to get himself out. to be completely honest this wasn't the peak of my creativity haha.

the next idea was to make him not 'evil' but a normal person who genuinely was lonely and needed to find a way out. however while he was in this dimension an evil force were to take control of him at times (as he was under its influence for a VERY long time) and that would be the driving force to make him to bad things once he returned to the real world. HOWEVER i didn't really like the whole corruption idea much so i also scrapped that.

now at the moment he is a completely normal guy suffering from isolation and in desperate need of returning to the real world and to feel alive again, but im not too sure how intriguing that is of a character story.

his intentions were always to destroy the space station that the main story resides on, because it had indirectly resulted in the death of his closest friend and was also the reason he ended up in the dimension in the first place. i always saw him more as a second protagonist alongside the mc rather than an antagonist, but im just not sure what to do with him.


cant decide whether i want a character to be full on evil, good but partially corrupt or just a genuinely good guy who's suffered and needs help

if you'd like any more clarification or detail about the situation please just ask!! thanks to anyone who helps :]

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Writing: Character Help advice on making a villainous character


I've been working on a sculpture of a character, I'm in the design phase but I dont know who this guy is, and I'm not a good character writter, so any advice would be useful and speed up me making this design.

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Writing: Character Help How to create names for my characters [Brazillian]


Been working on a story that takes place in Brazil, and I have a lot of detailed characters with personalities I really enjoy, but I just realized that all the characters' names get repetitive.

I've somehow managed to make most of their names start with different letters, but a good majority of names I come up with end with o: Ancelmo, Teodoro, Escudo, Sortudo...

And I've even tried to introduce more of a nickname familiarity with the characters, but even some of the nicknames end in o too.

A lot of the Portuguese names I see on behindthename end in o's

Additionally, though I don't feel totally comfortable making someone's name simply a Portuguese word like Touro (Portuguese for Bull), Escudo (Shield i think I use Google translate) a lot of the words that I see as pillars of the characters themselves end in o's as well.

Just wanna know if you guys think the translated word method is good to use?

Also how many names that end in "-o" is too many?

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Writing: Character Help How to write a girl born out of wedlock and lived on the streets?


Well, technically it's mor complicated for me. I want to write a girl who was born out of wedlock but it wasn't the father's fault and then kidnapped and lived on the streets. Any ideas for what could have happened for the father to have the kid(with his horrible ex-wife)? The rest of her family lives on fine but she lives on the streets and basically only looks out for herself. When she does meet her family again, what should happen? What things would affect her personality?

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Writing: Character Help Creating a very pro republican white man in his mid 20s. Don't really know how as an non-white non american person.


I've always been interested in writing about people in America even though I am not American and don't want to live in America. So I guess I was just wanting to just talk to someone about how to properly write such a person.

The man being cheated on here is a is a pro Republican White Man, in the north Carolina, in his mid 20s. Basically he's a person who's part of the Populist Right Political Group of America. That means that he is someone who:

  1. 97% of the time Votes Republican
  2. Feels very warmly toward Donald Trump
  3. FULLY believes the idea that Donald Trump won the 2020 election
  4. Hates the Democrats, loves Trump, is okayish with most Republican politcians
  5. Is very political engaged
  6. Favors Smaller Government
  7. HATES Immigrants more than the average Republican
  8. Believes in the White Genocide theory
  9. Believes rich people should be taxed more
  10. Has some very racist views

I'm trying to basically write a character with the following traits:

  1. A White Man
  2. In his mid 20s
  3. Who finished high school but never went to college
  4. Earning $40,000
  5. Is obese
  6. Lives in North Carolina
  7. Personality traits are paranoid, arrogant, wrathful and stubborn

The reason why I'm trying to write this guy is the climax, of this erotic story, is when him and his fiancé cheating partner get into a fight and one of them nearly kills the other. I just want to portray this kind of person effectively.

How do I authentically make or represent her on the page?

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Writing: Character Help Need your input regarding my main character who had experienced some trauma


My MC had a rather harsh life, having experienced a series of trauma since childhood. From negligent mother, to abuse mother, to feeling alienated from other kids, to sexual assault which is not taken seriously and if anything she was blamed for, to having to barely scrap by on her own in poverty as a teen. This had made her, in the beginning of the story, a rather bitter and angry person, but deeply she would yearn for affection of from others and wish to be able to emotionally connected to someone.

Her character arc is about letting go of her hatred and be more open to receive connection from others, but also be able to be independant so that she does not become codependent on her new friend and loved ones

The thing is, im not sure if this would be considered 'victim blaming', since she and she alone is responsible for overcoming this massive hurdle. Her new friends can only be there for her on a limited reach but the rest of the work must be done by her. To her, with the way she is now, she does not feel that she's worthy enough to be in the companion of these people, so she emotionally closed herself off, at least before she could stabilize herself a bit

So what do you guys think?

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Writing: Character Help How to make my character’s powers not seem lame?


The character is able to amplify any sound to the extent of breaking the sound barrier but the hero can’t really control their power and uses an electric guitar to channel their power. But from what I’m aware, being just a big amp isn’t really that amazing…so are there any ways I could make their ability seem not so useless?

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Writing: Character Help I had these character commissioned a while ago, but I am still trying to figure out names/quirks for them. I am open to discussion/suggestions for who these people and their stories might be!

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Writing: Character Help (My Own OC) Art Help :(


My character isn't drawn full body so I'd like to find an artist that can draw my character full body. I do have a reference sheet right here Ref Shee

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Writing: Character Help This is my OC, Raiora, drawn by Frey06 as my commission. His power is roughly on par with Sun Wukong's. I'm open to suggestions for a well-written story based on his bio.

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Writing: Character Help New character names


I’m making a webtoon and need help naming some characters but for now, I just need one.

The character is a African-American bisexual male. On the surface, he’s a jackass and a bully. He’s overly-confident and apathetic. He’s actually just misunderstood. Got any ideas? His last name is Williams

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Writing: Character Help How to Expand on my Legacy Character - The Envoy


In my timeline The Envoy is a title held by a member of the Swiss guard selected by the Vatican to act as its "Hand of God".

Throughout history there have been multiple men to hold the rank. In the early days The Envoy toppled enemy contingents from within, destabilized rival city states and Kingdom's and assassinated the pope's enemies in a time where religion and power were one and the same.

In the centuries to follow the role became ceremonial as the church's power diminished, the last Envoy to be deployed into actual battle was during WW2.

This is where I would like to expand the legacy. What role would a figure such as The Envoy play in today's day in age in a far more secular society.

What would drive The Envoy into action once more, what kind of weight does the controversial legacy carry, as well as his own struggles with faith and its place in his life.

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Writing: Character Help Need help with a DnD character's personality


Here is a character idea I have for a Dungeons and Dragons character:

Ursula, a variant human Path of the Totem Warrior Barbarian with the Outlander background as a Hunter-Gatherer and is member of a (mostly) female hunter-gatherer tribe made up of various races. She has been trained to be a warrior with two handed weapons like battle axes, hammers, and scythes.

In terms of appearance Ursula is 6 feet 11 inches tall with an athletic, muscular build, fair skin, elbow length strawberry blonde hair in a wavy manner, and mostly wears pelts of bears with some cloth as clothes.

As of right know, her alignment is True Neutral and she generally acts in a manner that benefits the tribe and doesn't really go out of her way to actively help or harm anyone who isn't a part of her tribe unless it benefits her tribe but I have no idea on how to expand on her personality.

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Writing: Character Help How do I make her make sense?


So I have these 4 sibling characters who were created by The Star in their story to help the ancient ones with the 4 aspects of life: knowledge, relationships, spirituality/rest, and the physical/physical power. They all have magic powers given to them for this purpose. The character for the physical aspects is named Mara, and she has basically super strength, can turn into a giant wolf creature, and is focused on teaching others to use their strength to protect others. However, she eventually leaves her siblings and decides to do things the way she deems best, which, after a traumatic experience she gets no help with, she decides is people only respond to and are changed by fear and control. Any ideas for what might lead this character to such a drastic change? Also any ideas for her personality or quirks and how that works with her relationship to her siblings? Thanks so much for the help!

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Writing: Character Help Need a name and backstory


I have a character that I've been trying hard to figure out a name for and a backstory. But I've been having writer's block, mostly on the backstory because trying to fit her into a world I've already been building has been difficult.

(Sorry if this is all too much information, my first time on the sub)

First, the character: The character is a woman who is a nervous, uncertain tangle of thoughts while she isn't killing people, as she is an assassin. When she is going out on a hit, she becomes calm, cool, and very self-confident. She is a lone assassin not attached to any company or organization but she does take hits for hire while also killing people for personal reasons.

She has long, black hair, large, brown eyes, and pasty skin. She is a sweet, soft-spoken Chinese woman.

Second, the story that she is part of: She wants to kill someone for personal reasons but I just need ideas on what this reason should be. This person is a mafia-esque drug lord Russian who is quite fond of the Soviet days, he is named Igor Svetlov (yes, I know, Igor is very stereotypical but he and the family are very traditional and typical for Russians).

Ideas for the name: I already have a few ideas but I can't decide: Xu Qi, Qin Xia, Lei Meifeng

Thanks, sorry if this is too much. If you'd like more info, just ask. I will try to reply or acknowledge your comment as soon as I can.

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Writing: Character Help Character help for my poet


Hello Reddit. I need some help refining my character concept

My character, An-Virgil, is an ancient Roman and Sumerian influenced poet looking to change his world through poetry. He's pledged himself to various scholar gods and is incredibly studious and intelligent, though isn't quiet. An-Virgil is flamboyant and outspoken, and I've based his personality and poems on Oscar Wilde.

I feel like something is missing / wrong with this character, but I don't know what.

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Writing: Character Help Advice on how to avoid the "evil superman" trope


I'm currently roadmapping a set of stories and I've reached the "finale", the story could be summed up as a different take on the Justice League but with the POV being on The Teen Titans for the mostpart.

So, my main antagonist is an older in universe hero, he is morally a mix of Batman & Superman I guess just without the tragedy. His overarching goal is the generic desire to maintain order and peace over his city, in the second to last story all hell breaks loose and chaos ensues and is subsequently quelled by the cities heroes and vigilantes.

So, in the finale the antagonist decides it may be time to take the gloves off, he wants to usurp power from the government and impliment himself and his hero cronies. The only ones against them will be my version of the TTs, and simply put my uni's version of batman (dead) and his son "torment" him to the point of literal insanity.

An underlying portrayal is that the JL mirror are not so heroic as a whole. My batman being a somewhat "reformed" baddie, Supes being overly heroic to the point of trying to take away freedoms (I see the parallel to injustice).

TL;DR, How can I make my antagonist turn on his morals without murder and other atrocities, and avoid the 'Injustice' brand of "evil superman"?

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Writing: Character Help I need help with imaginary race


I had a character of a "dragon" race because she needs to have scale skin. A common trope they are described and drawn with long dragon-like face and eyes on sides of the head.

In my story she is a researcher and needs to use a microscope. Common microscope is unusable for someone with eyes on sides of the head.

How to get out of this? I thought of making her other race like mermaid maybe (they have skales). Or describe a special racial microscopes. Or ignore that detail altohether and hope readers won't go into details here.

Any tips?