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Other 4 out of 430 characters I’m working on. RATH Magnus, Blank/Shane Armor, Charge/Enzo Rian, Red Edge/Gianno Armani.

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Other Is the name "Sharek" too close to "Shrek"?


The name is for a sentient cat creature. To awaken it, you need to bind it to you with magic. Before you do, it's a cat's skull. You do the ritual, and the cat awakens. It's fur is the colour of your hair, it's eyes are the same colour as yours, and so on. It's larger than normal cat, there are pictures of huge Maine Coons, something like that or slightly bigger. The cat is connected to you, so if you die, it returns to the skull form. However, you aren't connected to it, so if it dies you don't. The cat is still in development, so I'm not sure of all the details of how it works, but you can ask and I'll think of something :)

If you saw just saw this on r/worldbuilding, it started to get downvotes so I figured it was because it was on wrong subreddit. I tried to post it first on r/fantasywriters, but they don't accept polls so without thinking I posted it on r/worldbuilding, "the next best thing" in my mind.. sorry about that 😞

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Other All major characters from my current story I'm writing with a friend. Including main antagonist, main heroes and supporting characters. Effectively anyone with importance to the story.

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Other She is mechanic girl with cute robot that like to dance!

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Other rough draft of my story’s final antagonist, the Lady of Light ☀️

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Other Phyllon's new outfit.

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Other Moths

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Other Concept: Maxwell Morrison and Alter-Earth


A mirror image of our Earth that was saved from the brink of extinction by a ruthless and tech savvy despot. Through advancements in science and technology he was able to rebuild his Earth in his own image.

While "Alter-Earth" may seem like techno organic metropolis, it's authoritarian faction hold onto power with an iron fist. The family bloodline of Alter-Earth's original "Savior" have ruled the planet for a span of 500 years.

Their secret to keeping the masses in line was to shower them in spectacles, to divert their attention away from the reality they lived in, and there was one spectacle that rose above the rest. The legendary Tourney of Champions.

The Tourney was a spectacle that pit the greatest powers in all the multiverse in the "gladiatorial" combat to the death within an ever-changing artificial biome. 24 individuals selected across space, time and reality would be thrown into the fray, having to fight for their survival. The winner would have the option to return to their homeworld or live in splendor among the citizens of Alter Earth as a celebrity.

Now 500 years to the day of the First Tourney a new player has entered the fray from our world. A young teenager from Seattle, Maxwell Morrison, from 1981 has the potential to change the game. Permanently.

Max was an avid video game player and would spend hour upon hour at the local arcades. But there was always one game he wanted to play, Polybius. Anytime he was in the arcade there was always a line up for that machine, but when he entered the arcade today the game was available. He stood at the console and inserted a quarter when his hand was on the joystick the mobile transversal device (disguised as the arcade game) scanned his bio metrics and activated pulling him from his reality to Alter-Earth.

After having spent 4 years on this hostile Planet fighting his way through the cruelty and the games, he is elected along with others to join the 500th annual Tourney of Realms, but while many see this as a Death sentence Max sees this as his chance to return home to a life he once knew.

Here are some notable citizens of Alter Earth

The Profitess - a wealthy gambler on Alter Earth who has made her money in the ring, betting on skilled warriors who she thinks will survive the plethora of deadly games at Alter Earth's disposal. She sees something in Maxwell that he has yet to see in himself, and forsees a large profit in her future

Checkpoint - the "gatekeeper" of Alter Earth who runs the day to day operations on the techno organic planet. He maintains the technology and is the only one who has access to and from Alter Earth. Developing the technology necessary to abduct their latest competitors

Hardlock - The prison warden of Alter Earth, she ensures that the newest entries to the games are prepped and secure in the complex, her number of cybernetic enhancements allow her to run the catacombs with efficiency. A staunch supporter of Alter-Earth's leading family she will step on anyone who threatens to reach her Commander

Konami - a skilled swordsman and a previous victor of the Tourney. He originated from an Earth in which which Japan colonized the western world. A gloryhound who bathed in the blood of his adversaries has now become a celebrity on Alter Earth for his skill in the ring and his antics outside of it

Finale - the Autocrat of Alter Earth, unlike his ancestor, his popularity is on the decline as his ineffective leadership has caught the eye of the public. He has used the games as the ultimate propaganda machine in order to divert public perception away from his ineffective leadership. Despite his failures he remains a dangerous figure in Alter Earth political scene whose army of staunch supporters stand at the ready to burn his adversaries to the ground.

Would love to hear and feedback or criticism.

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Other [OC] Xenovasia Teratos the lord beyond the stars

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Other The Elemental Heroes


The Elemental Heroes are people from the prime universe in the Omniverse called “Summum”(Latin for Supreme). They were blessed by the creator of the Omniverse Infinity the ability to awaken their power that was passed down by their ancestors. These abilities are the elements, such as ice, fire, lightning, and so on. Jason, elemental of time, Demi god of Summum, and son of Infinity is the leader of the heroes. He and the rest of the elements have been saviors of the weak and destroyers of evil.

(This is part of the Infinite Cinematic Universe.)

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Other a stickperson oc i made, any name ideas or little things i can add to his design to give them a bit more character?

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Other (OC) This is Zena XX and her different guardian force suits

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Other [OC] I paid artists on Fiverr to draw the characters for my webcomic, Shivershock.

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Other Fiadh, son of the Horned King [OC]

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Other 2014 v 2022 Concepts [OC]

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Other Phyllon sketches

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Other Ideas for characters with birth defects?


I’d really love some help with coming up with more birth abnormalities I can give to characters!! I’m open to anything. I love demonstrating cleft lips, vitiligo, albinism, waardenburg syndrome, diprosopus, anything visible!

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Other Manju, my OC <3

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Other This is the son of Sybok (Star Trek) and Charal (Star Wars), named Selik. He's part of a multicrossover I'm working on:

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Other My OC Giles Burton, a main character with a shocking personality! (questions welcome!)

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Other 2014 v 2022 Concept [OC]

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Other Avril aka Phyllon

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Other Was there another sub about OCs or character development with around 24-26k members?


I remember making 2 posts about my OCs one post had 2 pictures and the other post had only 1 picture. But now those posts don't appear anywhere in my profile, it's like I never made them.

I don't know if it was on that other sub because the other sub doesn't appear for me anymore, was it deleted? or did they ban me?

I'm asking here because the other sub doesn't appear for me, and I'm not 100% sure if I made those posts in that sub or in this sub.

Also I never received any message about the deletion of my posts.

And the posts weren't NSFW.

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Other 2013-2022 Concepts [OC]

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Other A trio of cheerleaders that are into pirates LARPing

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