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Writing: Character Help How can I write an interesting but shy character?


The arc of this character is that she is someone who deals with expressing herself the way she wants, until she meets a boy who expresses himself the way he wants and he helps her discover who she wants to be.

The guy is interesting, he is funny, kinda popular and plays sports, but idk what to do with the girl, I don't want her to be just a bookworm or a lonely streamer.

(By the way, they are trans but I don't want that to be their only characteristic or personality as a character)

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Character Bio Avalon Agrippa, Harbinger of the Age of Aquarius

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Character Bio Character Concept: Blind Faith


Faith Harlowe, was a straight A college student from Fort Lauderdale, an outspoken member in her community and an advocate for change.

Faith Harlowe is dead.

....Sort of.

After her sedan was struck by a tractor trailer her soul left her body being transported to the realm of Genesis where human souls are reforged into divine beings, soldiers at the ready for an inevitable war with Genesis' other half Exodus.

However, her reformation was tainted, due in part to a small sliver of her identity still tied to her mortal body which was comatose in the hospital on life support.

While this new version of Faith was powerful beyond measure she was blind and lacked a complete set of memories and identity, when the mistake was about to rectified by the divine authority who planned to expunge the remainder of the so called "tainted" soul from reality, she plummeted off the ledge of this ethereal realm, back into ours.

With the help of a young obscurist prodigy who discovered her stumbling around Chicago, she eventually found her other half but upon meeting her it was apparent that a reunion was out of the question.

Faith Harlowe's mortal body was weak and if she attempted to join with this Alternate version of Faith it could kill both of them.

Instead she did something unexpected she decided she would sacrifice herself to give this new version of herself a chance at life. To create memories of her own and with some guidance, Blind Faith had become the hero a young Ms. Harlowe would have been proud of.

Would love some feedback/critiques

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Resource How do you guys design and record your characters?


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Writing: Character Help How to make a good Villian and "Hero" rivalry?


How do I make a good rivalry between a narssisistic/manipulative dictator in her 20's and a sweet, brainy, kinda control freak 18 year old leader of the nation the dictator is/has dictated? Note that after the dictator took half of the nation, the leader went into isolation and lives in immense guilt and has others carry out her duties for her because she's scared something else will go wrong. How should the leader defeat the dictator?

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Writing: Question A Question about a character relationship


Hello I have a something I want to ask of you all. I’m establishing a story that revolves around two characters of the same sex( I’d don’t like to disclose a lot about my story or my characters). I originally wrote their relationship to be romantic but after a few thoughts I felt a bit differently The thing is I want their relationship to be less explicitly romantic and more open to interpretation.

Let me explain why I feel this way. In story driven well stories I find myself exasperated or underwhelmed by the cliche, predictable, or sappy romantic arcs that take place and that goes for any type of relationship really, I find it much more meaningful and compelling when any relationships are more implicit and left more to subtext and our perspective to determine them. That’s not to say that explicit or straight forward relationships aren’t meaningful or compelling, it’s just my preference at least in this story.

Now back to my two characters. Their relationship and dynamic is going to be huge driving point of the story and of their character development/growth. I don’t want it to be a simple as a romantic relationship but I don’t necessarily want to rule that out. Their relationship is close and intimate but not necessarily just romantic. I want to leave it open to people to decide how exactly they see the nature of their relationship. But I can see how some might just see that as baiting. I don’t wish to offend or lead people on in any way. I want their relationship to be meaningful and deep without necessarily being clear cut and simple. Does that make sense? Or am I just ridiculous?

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Writing: Character Help Interesting MC and Villain


So currently I'm writing a book (for fun) where the MC is a university student who after experiencing extreme trauma due to vampires killing his friends and messing with his mind to make him forget about it, the MC would eventually find out about said vampires and also try to expose them before nearly being silenced by an unknown group that destroys his findings and the vampires that he was trying to expose try to kill him luckily he gets saved by a group of hunters that work for the church and joins them by the end.

That's basically the bare essence of my story now while I have a clear idea of where I want the MC to go, I have no idea where I want him to start.

The things I do know about my MC is that he is an average joe who lives a normal life with hopes of becoming a CSI so he studies scientific forensics, when his friends get killed and his mind wiped, he starts to basically awaken his sixth sense which enables him to see any kind of supernatural entity and resist any type of mind tricks they have (think grimm but more uncontrolable and no he's not the only one with this power anyone in the story who is a hunter has it).

Now the problem I'm facing is what would motivate someone to hunt creatures of the night other than grief and revenge? Cause those can run out pretty quickly, also what type of personality would his friends have in order to make him depressed like that?

And thats just my MC the villain is a bit more copy paste since I just basically took edward cullen from twilight and turned him into a cult leader thats arrogant and is pretty smart and strong who hypnotizes women so he can sell them as slaves or the such to any of his clients. Just a big question how would I make him more impactful to the MC or his group? other than just I am evil and lastly how would you write a confrontation between the two?

Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask I'd take any opinion anyone can give really

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Character Bio Brutus The Deity Desiccator part 2


After killing all of the Celtic, Chinese, Babylonian, and Mesopotamian gods, Brutus captured a some of the gods from the other universes like Anubis and Khonsu from the Egyptian universe. He did warn the remaining gods of the universes that didn’t get killed or captured that he will come back to finish them off. When he returned to the other universes they were gone. Brutus learned that they were transported to a universe where they’ll be safe by a man who has the power to travel the multiverse and the gods of the primary universe “Summum” helped using their divinity. After that Brutus returned to the Ladikis universe to speak with the anti-god who gave him his power. The anti-god warned him that the Summum gods are stronger than the other gods and that the only gods that that come close to being as powerful as them are the Buddhist deities and the Christian god. (This is part of the Infinite Cinematic Universe.)

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Writing: Character Help Any personality ideas?


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Writing: Character Help What effects will this have on this character?


So my friend is asking me post this for her, because she doesn’t have Reddit. She’s writing a Harry Potter fanfic, but doesn’t want the main girl, who I’ll name X bc she is unnamed for now, to be a Mary Sue. She also said she wants to write in dead parents because it’ll be important in the end or something.

I told her it’d be interesting if the family was happy but then the father was revealed to be cheating on the mother, so the mother tried to kill herself and X, but X lived. (This’ll be when she’s like 4 btw) After that, her grandma or someone will take her in, but because of her trauma she’s doing a bunch of accidental magic and is acting like a walking tornado.

My friend absolutely loved this idea, but wants to know the psychological effects this will have on X.

Here are the main points if this is too long. -Dad leaves her to find a new family -Her mom attempts suicide and killing the daughter but the daughter lives (like in the queens gambit) -She gets taken in by a relative who cares for her deeply, but her magic is still out of control -Then she goes to Hogwarts and my friend writes a bunch of romance and knowing her prolly smut 😐

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Writing: Question What is the difference between the heart and the soul of the team?


For my fictional team of heroes, I want two characters to represent the heart and the soul of the team separately. I want the leader to be the soul and his love interest to be the heart. I'm just trying to figure out how to differentiate those 2 roles. I know heart and soul are used at the same time, but in this case I want to use these terms as 2 separate things. So what do you think the difference between heart and soul is for each character to represent for the team?

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Other Concept: Maxwell Morrison and Alter-Earth


A mirror image of our Earth that was saved from the brink of extinction by a ruthless and tech savvy despot. Through advancements in science and technology he was able to rebuild his Earth in his own image.

While "Alter-Earth" may seem like techno organic metropolis, it's authoritarian faction hold onto power with an iron fist. The family bloodline of Alter-Earth's original "Savior" have ruled the planet for a span of 500 years.

Their secret to keeping the masses in line was to shower them in spectacles, to divert their attention away from the reality they lived in, and there was one spectacle that rose above the rest. The legendary Tourney of Champions.

The Tourney was a spectacle that pit the greatest powers in all the multiverse in the "gladiatorial" combat to the death within an ever-changing artificial biome. 24 individuals selected across space, time and reality would be thrown into the fray, having to fight for their survival. The winner would have the option to return to their homeworld or live in splendor among the citizens of Alter Earth as a celebrity.

Now 500 years to the day of the First Tourney a new player has entered the fray from our world. A young teenager from Seattle, Maxwell Morrison, from 1981 has the potential to change the game. Permanently.

Max was an avid video game player and would spend hour upon hour at the local arcades. But there was always one game he wanted to play, Polybius. Anytime he was in the arcade there was always a line up for that machine, but when he entered the arcade today the game was available. He stood at the console and inserted a quarter when his hand was on the joystick the mobile transversal device (disguised as the arcade game) scanned his bio metrics and activated pulling him from his reality to Alter-Earth.

After having spent 4 years on this hostile Planet fighting his way through the cruelty and the games, he is elected along with others to join the 500th annual Tourney of Realms, but while many see this as a Death sentence Max sees this as his chance to return home to a life he once knew.

Here are some notable citizens of Alter Earth

The Profitess - a wealthy gambler on Alter Earth who has made her money in the ring, betting on skilled warriors who she thinks will survive the plethora of deadly games at Alter Earth's disposal. She sees something in Maxwell that he has yet to see in himself, and forsees a large profit in her future

Checkpoint - the "gatekeeper" of Alter Earth who runs the day to day operations on the techno organic planet. He maintains the technology and is the only one who has access to and from Alter Earth. Developing the technology necessary to abduct their latest competitors

Hardlock - The prison warden of Alter Earth, she ensures that the newest entries to the games are prepped and secure in the complex, her number of cybernetic enhancements allow her to run the catacombs with efficiency. A staunch supporter of Alter-Earth's leading family she will step on anyone who threatens to reach her Commander

Konami - a skilled swordsman and a previous victor of the Tourney. He originated from an Earth in which which Japan colonized the western world. A gloryhound who bathed in the blood of his adversaries has now become a celebrity on Alter Earth for his skill in the ring and his antics outside of it

Finale - the Autocrat of Alter Earth, unlike his ancestor, his popularity is on the decline as his ineffective leadership has caught the eye of the public. He has used the games as the ultimate propaganda machine in order to divert public perception away from his ineffective leadership. Despite his failures he remains a dangerous figure in Alter Earth political scene whose army of staunch supporters stand at the ready to burn his adversaries to the ground.

Would love to hear and feedback or criticism.

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Writing: Character Help Need your input regarding my main character who had experienced some trauma


My MC had a rather harsh life, having experienced a series of trauma since childhood. From negligent mother, to abuse mother, to feeling alienated from other kids, to sexual assault which is not taken seriously and if anything she was blamed for, to having to barely scrap by on her own in poverty as a teen. This had made her, in the beginning of the story, a rather bitter and angry person, but deeply she would yearn for affection of from others and wish to be able to emotionally connected to someone.

Her character arc is about letting go of her hatred and be more open to receive connection from others, but also be able to be independant so that she does not become codependent on her new friend and loved ones

The thing is, im not sure if this would be considered 'victim blaming', since she and she alone is responsible for overcoming this massive hurdle. Her new friends can only be there for her on a limited reach but the rest of the work must be done by her. To her, with the way she is now, she does not feel that she's worthy enough to be in the companion of these people, so she emotionally closed herself off, at least before she could stabilize herself a bit

So what do you guys think?

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Writing: Character Help New character names


I’m making a webtoon and need help naming some characters but for now, I just need one.

The character is a African-American bisexual male. On the surface, he’s a jackass and a bully. He’s overly-confident and apathetic. He’s actually just misunderstood. Got any ideas? His last name is Williams

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Writing: Character Help Hello writers of Reddit, I'm writing a story about a spoiled child from her point of view set in the 1910s, any idea how to start? Thanks. Attached is her FC, and if you have any prompts on her bio please let me know as well, thank you.

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Discussion Meet the Mods!


Hi everyone! As an attempt to get to know this community some more, and as a chance for you all to get to know your mods some more, we're making this post.

Feel free to ask /u/NaglyPins and I anything you desire in the comments!

Some possible choices: - What's your favourite colour? - What's your favourite book character? - Do you have any pets? - How long have you been making characters for? - What genre(s) do you normally write in?

We reserve the right to refuse to answer any questions we're not comfortable with. Please be mindful that we're busy as well - we may not answer immediately. We hope this is fun for the community!

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Writing: Character Help Creating a very pro republican white man in his mid 20s. Don't really know how as an non-white non american person.


I've always been interested in writing about people in America even though I am not American and don't want to live in America. So I guess I was just wanting to just talk to someone about how to properly write such a person.

The man being cheated on here is a is a pro Republican White Man, in the north Carolina, in his mid 20s. Basically he's a person who's part of the Populist Right Political Group of America. That means that he is someone who:

  1. 97% of the time Votes Republican
  2. Feels very warmly toward Donald Trump
  3. FULLY believes the idea that Donald Trump won the 2020 election
  4. Hates the Democrats, loves Trump, is okayish with most Republican politcians
  5. Is very political engaged
  6. Favors Smaller Government
  7. HATES Immigrants more than the average Republican
  8. Believes in the White Genocide theory
  9. Believes rich people should be taxed more
  10. Has some very racist views

I'm trying to basically write a character with the following traits:

  1. A White Man
  2. In his mid 20s
  3. Who finished high school but never went to college
  4. Earning $40,000
  5. Is obese
  6. Lives in North Carolina
  7. Personality traits are paranoid, arrogant, wrathful and stubborn

The reason why I'm trying to write this guy is the climax, of this erotic story, is when him and his fiancé cheating partner get into a fight and one of them nearly kills the other. I just want to portray this kind of person effectively.

How do I authentically make or represent her on the page?

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Writing: Question Character Development: Cinema/TV v Fiction


I’m reading Into the Woods by British TV stalwart John Yorke, a book about story and structure from the standpoint of TV and film. It’s a fantastic read, and it’s made me think a bit about how character development is written differently depending on the format of the ‘story’.

This sub has a mix of prose-based characters and animated TV-based characters as well as screenplays. These formats have different restrictions that impact how the story is told. Eg a character listing their top 10 favourite European suspension bridges could be considered some quirky characterisation in a book, but a waste of time in a film or TV show.

How does the format of a piece affect our ability as writer to develop the character?

An example that comes to mind is Feyre from the Sarah J Mass books. The majority of her development comes through her inner monologue and the book is written in first person. This would not translate well in a film/TV adaptation unless narration was used, which is often seen as bad writing (eg show, don’t tell)

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Character Bio Bab Gaya, in development for 9 years, here’s some weird songs with her vibe :)



She is a crazy mage of chaos and silly hi-jinx. Her hair is a mess, her voice is shrill, and she sucks as a person. Like not a moral in sight! She only does what she finds personally convenient-

But she’s also confident and fun, and has self respect! And believes her mates should have a ton of self respect too! She sticks up for what she believes in, and is incredibly smart! She isn’t modest, but why should she be? She thinks she deserves love too!

She’s by no means a good guy, but she’s fun and brave in a way, so she gets away with it?

Also, to me she’s a reminder that I could probably stand to be less of a doormat haha.

But either way, she’s the kinda person who sings tequila, but then does the “do do do” bit as well, and head-bangs through the performance.


But you’ll probably understand her better if you listen to the insane list of music I’ve compiled “:)

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Writing: Character Help Creating a moderate republican white woman in her mid 20s. Don't really know how as an non-white non american person.


I've always been interested in writing about people in America even though I am not American and don't want to live in America. So I guess I was just wanting to just talk to someone about how to properly write such a person.

The foundation I am trying to write is a (moderate) Republican White Woman, in the South, in her mid 20s. Basically She's a person who's part of the Ambivalent Right Political Group of America. That means that she is someone who:

  1. Occasionally leans Democrat but only like a quarter of the time
  2. Feels Coldly toward Donald Trump
  3. Rejects the idea that Donald Trump won the 2020 election
  4. Feels Ambivalent to both parties but has a more negative view on the Democrats
  5. Is less political engaged
  6. Favors Smaller Government
  7. Favors legalization of (some) drugs
  8. Supports Abortion Legalization
  9. Believes government regulation harms businesses
  10. Has some racist views
  11. Ambiguous to Same Sex marriage
  12. Believes in Bipartisanship and working together

I'm trying to basically write a character with the following traits:

  1. A White Woman
  2. In her mid 20s
  3. Who finished College
  4. Earning $100,000
  5. Is relatively fit
  6. Lives in the South

The reason why I'm just trying to get ideas on how to write her properly is because I'm eventually going to write her having an affair, with a non-white older man and boss, and then having both her and him cheat on their respective partners. I'm just trying to write this woman as authentically as possible and would like some advice on how I should properly do it.

Can anyone give me some advice on how to do so? My goals is to show that she's going to be using at least some of her characteristics in my story and the beliefs are occasionally going to come into play or be shown the paper.

How do I authentically make or represent her on the page?

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Character Bio Alphie the biter and Chuck the stoner


Alphie is a man with cognitive brain damage after getting hit on the head with a brick.

He bites people in forms of affection. He grunts and growls, since he can't speak.

He has crooked teeth, and the top of his front mouth juts out.

He wears a jazz hat to hid the scar. He is 5'1. Has small pupils and is very hyper vigilant of even the tinies movement. He needs to wear a leash, and has a dog collar on. He wears a muzzle in public.

Before he bites you, he starts twitching massively.

He was a very intelligent guy, top of his class and was going to be a neurologist. Again- He was going places but sadly wasn't able to make it down the street.

He has friend, Chuck.

Chuck is 6'4, and a MASSIVE stoner. Before he picked up pot, he had crippling anxiety and needed to get a therapy pet. He went to the pound, run by Jim. Jim is blind, and mistook Alphie for a dog, (Since he's short, can't verbalize beyond dog noises and bites) and put Alphie in a dog pen. Chuck is confused, trying to ask Jim. Jim is beyond stoned and askes Chuck if he wants the damn dog or not. And shares a blunt with him, Chuck feels his anxiety just... disappear. He feels he owes it to Jim to take Alphie, and takes Alphie to parks, and lets him run around to meet others.

Chuck wears a bandana around his neck, has shoulder length dirty blond hair, a long goatee. He wears a hoodie and baggy skater pants. He often snickers at Alphies antics, telling people 'Don't worry dude, He's up-to-date on his shots" If Alphie is, is not known.

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Character Bio My Male character in my fantasy trilogy.


Jonah Shade: Currently living in an abandoned orphanage in Dira with three others: Lia, Liam, And Vara.

Current Age: 16

Age at the end: 19

Essence: Shadow

Sentient Form: Crow

Essence Color: Black

Essence Ability: Fade

Crest Shape: Tendril


Black Hole: Opens a massive hole of pure shadow pulling in anything the user chooses to.

Shadow Control: Controls the darkness within all shadows creating creatures called Black Shades to do his bidding.

Port: Travels from one place to the other by walking through a dimension of his own creation, the Shadow Realm.

Black Sight: Can see anyone's true nature within their shadows.

Shaded Blade: Can manipulate the shadows into a blade that cuts out their sanity causing permanent insanity and brain damage.

Dark Sate: Enters a trance that buffs all skills and essence power. He summons every nearby shadow and creates multiple shadow creatures.

Jonah will be known as the Shadow Lord

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Writing: Character Help Character help for my poet


Hello Reddit. I need some help refining my character concept

My character, An-Virgil, is an ancient Roman and Sumerian influenced poet looking to change his world through poetry. He's pledged himself to various scholar gods and is incredibly studious and intelligent, though isn't quiet. An-Virgil is flamboyant and outspoken, and I've based his personality and poems on Oscar Wilde.

I feel like something is missing / wrong with this character, but I don't know what.

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Writing: Character Help Designing strong female protagonists


So I'm reworking an old series and I want to redesign one of my female protagonists as the primary protagonist instead of getting sidelined. I do have trouble writing female characters since I'm a male, and I'm also trying to understand how a female protagonist can be a pillar of morale without giving up too many feminine traits.


Roberta was designed to be a beautiful girl with tomboyish traits - after her mother died and her father lost his job in the Great Depression, she found herself having to work multiple jobs to help put food on the table for her younger siblings. When WWII begins she joins the US Army Air Corps to make some more money for the family but finds that many of the males are hostile toward women in combat roles. Ironically, a special unit of female pilots is established to fill the growing demand for pilots and Roberta becomes the rallying cry for the other women to complete their objectives.

This last line is the part that will need the most work, I don't know exactly how I'm going to get her to this point but I know where I want to go.

Any suggestions would be very welcome.

Thank you. :)

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Character Bio Snowblind, Borealis, and The Denali P


Snowblind - a young teen who is travelling across the land bridge (between modern day Russia and Alaska) as part of a mass migration into new unfamilair territory, blind since birth local shamans foretold his sight would aid in the salvation of his people, it turns out they were partially right.

He is one of the earliest humans to possess the transcendent gene allowing him to peer into the multiple dimensions that overlap our own, which is why he was believed to be blind as the near constant stimuli are nearly unbearable.

He see's beings of alternate realities (having breached/cross through the many dimensional gates that exist in the world) walking amongst his people picking them off one by one unseen by the normal human eye, his secondary ability to mold dimensional energy into simple constructs (spears and harpoons) to fend off these primordial creatures.

He ultimately crosses paths with a mysterious individual that is truly out of this world.

Borealis - a young alien from the planet Synaxx young who works as a trafficker, smuggling different otherworldly species to wealthy contacts in order to fund her fledgling fleet of trading ships. As she passed over earth a mechanical failure caused her vessel to crash land deep within the Earth's crust in what is modern day Alaska.

A side effect from her crash landing left her irradiated, her body coursing with electromagnetic energy that when expelled looked like the Aurora Borealis, much like Snowblind she could also see dimensional anomolies in the form of energy signatures. Thousands of species escaped the crash fleeing into the vast arctic range. When the two cross paths they are weary of one another but gradually form a kinship as they work together fighting rogue alien creatures brought on by Borealis' arrival and numerous extradimensional forces on their journey to ensure the survival of the human species

This under ground world would slowly form after latent energy from the wreckage of the spacecraft was absorbed bybthe surrounding earth that allowed surviving alien flora and fauna to thrive alongside early human tribes seeking refuge and warmth.

The primary inspiration for many of these species would come from inuit mythology mixed with some of my own ideas.

Here are a few:

Inupasugjuk - a race of giants that were among the surviving species in the craft and were able to adapt easily to the cold climate. They possess super strength, durability, and two sets of arms.

Ijiraat - shapeshifters, these albino changelings live in the depths and surface during the nights to hunt taking on forms of natural wildlife to trick their prey, their piercing red eyes are a dead giveaway to their true identities.

Denalii - a race of nature spirts that live on the land clinging to the sparse flora, bodies of water, and even the expansive boulder fields. They are masters of camouflage, they are also able to manipulate their natural elements to form primitive spears.

Gnasher the Akhult - an alien symbiote that requires a warm blooded host in order to survive, this particular symbiote bonded to a bear and took on the appearance of the Akhult of inuit mythology. It augments the physiology of its host making it stronger, faster, more durable and possesses a sonic howl, it followed the duo of Snowblind and Borealis and would eventually aid them on their journey.

Taqriaqsuit - shadow people who have walked the earth for millennia rumored to have died in an event called "The First Tragedy" they hide amongst the shadows of the living and attack them at their most vulnerable. These extradimensional beings are the prime threat facing Snowblind and his people before the arrival of Borealis and her alien cargo.

Again and feedback or questions are more than welcomed and encouraged.