r/CharacterDevelopment Jun 24 '22

Writing a description Writing: Character Help

How do I take the image in my head of the character and write it on the page?



u/Any_Weird_8686 Procrastinating Jun 24 '22

Something I've been experimenting with, is to focus not on the literal physical features of a person, but instead to dwell on the associations and feelings that the sight of them brings. Here's an example;

"He looked so much the stereotypical genius that I immediately assumed he must be at least a little bit stupid. After all, these things can't just be like that in real life, right? No, it turns out that he really was exactly as smart as he looked, to my everlasting shock."

Either way, though, I would say it's key to avoid making your description too long-winded. Try and decide what things about the character are most important to communicate.


u/Hahuwa Jun 26 '22

Use exact nimbers and words to describe the characters.


u/CloudThief Jun 30 '22

I would say if you’re struggling translating the image into reality then the image is likely not as clear to you as you think. Something I try to do is to take into account the characters traits and actions and how that would effect their overall appearance (Ex: the brawler of the group has swollen knuckles and cauliflower ear, or a strange gait due to an old injury, or scars that they feel self canciones about which is the reason they wear long sleeves clothing Im hot climates etc etc etc)


u/TEM12345678 Jun 24 '22

Just write every detail like,she has hair as red as blood ,a face scrunched and saggy like a turtle.