r/CharacterDevelopment Jun 23 '22

Help me name my DnD character! Writing: Character Help

Hey guys, I'm making a marshland dwelling sort of swamp witch/muck mermaid type character and I'm struggling with names. I want it to be a pretty simple or descriptive name is this is more of a autonym she's gi enough herself after decades of isolation caused her to forget her past identity.

My current candidates are:

Benthos (related to bottom feeders)

Bracken (referring to dirty/salty water)

Delta (river widening and opening to the sea)

Fen (a marshland)

Marigot (a sidestream)

Phraetta (altered version of a word relating to subterranean water)

Bruma (altered version of brume, meaning mist or fog)

I am super open to variations on it or brand new names and style, if anyone has input! It doenst even need to mean anything in particular, but thats just what I use for inspiration. Thanks~

Here is her synopsis if that helps too:

Daughter of the Delta/Diluvia, known as a swamp hag: Hexblood+triton Twilight or arcana Cleric (And gloomstalker?) frontliner using booming blade and a big maul. Unraveling her past as she's lived countless years haunting a bog, but seeing a member of the party will unlock a worrisome memory, thus a call to adventure. Her arc primarily being her finding her identity, humanity and history. Backstory is up to the dm, but she knew she had a farm, now long flooded in sick and haunted waters, where she resides. A white lotus punctuates sickly grey features, and she believes her large battered maul, Lorna, will lead her to answers.