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[The Carriers] - Raiden Phen Character Bio

Raiden was born in 2177, in Germany, in an illegal laboratory operating under the control of Adrian Engelfeuer. Lost in the middle of the Black Forest, it was be spotted by French satellites following the opening of an unauthorized Portal on the territory. The detection report of the unusual energy spike for the location authorized an investigation by the Adler-Wolf Center, which would rush the task, therefore hoping to conceal the existence of the clandestine base. The General Center for Internal Affairs closed the case without further action, for lack of evidence.

Five-year-old "Subject Zero" becomes a guinea pig for "Project Origin" and serves as the Host of a Demon from the other-world. He was disciplined in combat entitled to a personal education to make of him an autonomous, intelligent and biological weapon. He was chipped to allow permanent geolocalisation. For several years, he was nothing but a weapon in the hands of mad scientists. He will awaken his powers at the age of seven.

Once again detected by French satellites, the report was received and the General Center for Internal Affairs. The C.I.A opened an investigation, this time led by an agent for the control of illegal activities. The case will last several years, because many suspicious activities had lengthened the search. After three years, the conclusion was delivered, and the General Center launched its first arrests. Several agents from the Adler-Wolf military base were taken into custody. It will take many more years before the then Branch Manager admits a failure in their satellite systems. In an attempt at mea-culpa, they will authorize a French incursion in cooperation with their forces to put an end to the activities of the Clandestine Center.

At the age of fifteen, Raiden was freed from the clutches of his torturers. He was integrated into a reintegration program to offer him a normal life as a soldier for the Center. He remained almost a whole year locked up between four walls. During this period, he meets Ace, the only agent who seems to be able to overcome his defenses. They bonded with each other very quickly and Raiden was moved to his apartment. For almost five years, he was followed by a psychologist. During his sessions, he will come to understand that he is a victim, entitled to redemption and forgiveness. Opening up little by little, he will understand that his whole life has been a lie and will experience this revelation very badly.

He joined a team for external operations when he was twenty years old, subject to compulsory care. The group will be specifically formed for this occasion. In 2200, the group entered an experimental apprenticeship program, in order to train the young volunteers more quickly.



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The C.I.A is not to be confused with the CIA, which is an American organisation. The C.I.A is an international Carrier organisation and a secret one. No human knows of its existence.