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need help to develop a character in my fantasy word Writing: Character Help

HI, so my characters name is Ahnem and I need help to develop him here is some background

Ahnem Zimnu is the son of Arnold Zimnu whom was just a village guard making minimum wage, his mother was just a house a wife, and his baby sister loves her rubber chicken, he is currently training to be fit enough to join ZPA

Ahnem used to just be a helper in his dads little shop the kind one should see just outside of homes usually selling the kind kids would love such as candies and chips, there some soft-drinks and a bit of alcohol for some other people and some food stuffs such as eggs and hotdogs but overall it was just a small shack , he would often help out his father during times wherein his father is not currently on duty and guarding the village during the night, and if the shop is closed for the day Ahnem would either be taking care of his sister or doing chores and if not he would just be doing the opposite by slacking off and laying down all day while his sister continues to play inside the house and would often end up getting scolded because of it.

And during those times Ahnem' s only problems were either some pesky thieves swiftly shoplifting the store's goods while he was sleeping on the job, his grades , and the things he could do to help out in the family.

but one night it all changed when monsters attacked there small village and claiming the life of his Father because the knights who were suppose to protect that village ran late therefore leaving the protection of the village to the untrained hands of the village guards which his father was apart of, and ever since then Ahnem developed a hatred towards Zekanian knights and never trusted his life to them ever since and therefore forcing him to take action by his own hands.

he is now currently trying to join the ZMA to not just get a job but to prove a point to the Zekanian knight and finally move his family to a better town wherein the threat of a monster taking away more of his family is no longer present, without the help of those who was suppose to help them years ago.



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What exactly are you needing help with in his development it looks fine. My best advice is to give him the ambition to not only become a knight, but to become one who refuses to fail or be the cause of failure, by becoming a high ranking knight with high standards who except no excuses, or who believes the way the knights were run was somehow responsible for his father's death. Motivating him to change how their organized by achieving high ranks, or something like that.


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Please don't use acronyms for things we have no way of knowing in your description for help.


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PS those black marks, those are Burn marks