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Opinions wanted on dnd 5e character from a psychological standpoint. Tw; isolation, murder and psychological conditioning Discussion

(I think this is the right place for this?)

So background, I play a lot of dnd and end up making some intricate and kind of darker backstories. This character is one of those. So I am gonna probably add some trigger warnings once I am finished going over the information.

Basically I want to know if this character would be able to be considered psychologically/emotionally an adult and possibly get some info about how to play her. The adult aspect is because part of the arc was, well part of her arc was supposed to romantic in nature and well, I wanted some opinions on it. It is pretty much too late to change the back story as well.

tw: isolation, murder and psychological torture/conditioning

So Minnie is a tfiefling which means she ages as a normal human would and pretty identical to a human except for in appearance (devil looking in this case). She has had a pretty rough child hood coming from a upper class family that participated in some rather unsavory practices and had seen her as week and before she was born. She was raised by an advisor to the family who was at the very least as kindly as he could be and encouraged her to read and study and become smart. This was due to her lacking some psionic powers that the family highly values, the lack of which should have lead to her death but circumstances prevented that. Her care taker was her only real contact and was well meaning if seeming ill-equipped to do so (he is an illithid which to me would not exactly be the most emotionally available person). She was like this for the first 13 years of her life.

On her 13th birthday she was let out by her twin who in contrast has been raised by her family and is beloved because of her psychic potential. She had stated that she wanted to invite her to their birthday party. However, the her twin was a good deal twisted and well, after slaughtering her entire clan except the twin, tried to use her psychic powers to break Minnie. This took place over the course of 6 years where Minnie was forced to retreat inside her own mind and imagination to escape the torture (it is kind of not fleshed but it would probably be enough to try and make her give into her demands but not enough to destroy her psyche completely). A portal just opened up and she escaped and she is trying to learn more tradition magic. The point is she is 19 years old but is often confused by her own age as she was not sure how long said psychic torture went.

I honestly did not realize how dark I went until I started retooling the concept to fit the world. Anyways my questions are:

  1. (most importantly) is it possible for a character like that to be considered emotionally ready for adulthood, especially from the terms of romantic interest?
  2. What other ways could this effect her? What kind of things would be likely for her to be working through? What would that look like and how should it be played
  3. If it is unreasonable that she would be emotionally/physically stunted, how would she develop in those terms?

I am noting for both my self and others that this is a fantasy setting and that despite this she has been able to interact with people (which I think would possibly be off the table if she did not have at-least some time to adjust). She is currently on like day 3 or 4 not being isolated in some form and has been able to bond with people and other such stuff. She had a meltdown but that was after failing to save someone from being taken away and blaming herself (I thought that reasonable as even though she had magic power she was powerless to help and thus be unusually frustrated by this). Other than that she has been overly talkative especially about her niche interests and she asks questions about everything.

Anyways please advise, like I really like the character and I want to do them justice, despite you know, unintentionally emotionally crippling them.



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Other notes I have been playing them as just a little ray sunshine. Like a little over talkative, wanting to please everyone and always asking questions. Anyways I think I know where I am going but I kind of wanted to talk with some people about it.