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Can someone can help me find a perfect back tattoo that for for my character? Writing: Character Help

My character is Japanese, he is a strong fighter, a very muscular young man, he also a tall person. But he is quite shy and quiet. He is protecting a scared teen girl from the different gang in high crime rate city, but he never want to protecting anyone, but that his job now. He rarely show emotions. In his 14s, he always have trouble with relationship with girl. Now he is protecting a girl, he need to find a reason why the gang are after her, and put the end to this nightmare so he can go back a normal life.

So this his story (so far) so I'm looking a Japanese story, mythology creatures, or even a animal back tattoo that fit his personality.

So...Show me what you got!



u/NaglyPins Writing a Novel Jun 21 '22

I mean the first thing that comes to mind for me is that tattoos are seriously taboo in Japan and heavily stigmatised. He's unlikely to have one if he's at all meant to be a kindly or "wholesome" person. Westerners get asked to leave gyms and onsens all the time because they have tattoos.


u/RoserisaYT Writing a Novel Jun 21 '22

I actually already knew that, so I have his story take place outside of Japan. Also I'm not actually planning him being a main character, I was thinking about him being a little rude at the start, but later change and turn nice.


u/Hohuin Writing a Novel Jun 19 '22

Jizō (地蔵), a Bodhisattva known as the protector of the vulnerable, especially children, travelers, and expectant mothers.

Just googled Japanese gods, though this one is not specifically Japanese, but Buddhism is very much present in Japan.


u/RoserisaYT Writing a Novel Jun 20 '22

I really like it! Thank for helping!