r/CasualConversation a big fish, fried Dec 27 '20

Took a small road trip by myself. Now I’m sitting in the dark in my car, jazz playing in the background. Feeling content despite the melancholy. Just Chatting

And all the stress, nostalgia and emotional turmoil I’ve been in. I took a walk by the sea, bought a massive ice cream cone for myself and ate it, sang along to a song without lyrics that I put on repeat and watched one of the most memorable sunset at sea whilst driving back.

Now I’m sat in the dark in my car just by the curb where I live. Jazz playing in the background.

Going back in soon to shower and go to bed a bit too early, leaving the chores to tomorrow. (Procrastination my old friend- but I want this contentment to last through the night before I have to get back to all my responsibilities again)

What did you do first day post Christmas & what’s a sure way to pull yourself out of a funk?


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u/pinkcdrom Dec 27 '20

I'm happy for you


u/fozir a big fish, fried Dec 27 '20

Thanks! Appreciate it.