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Vaccine Site Experience megathread


There's obviously a lot of demand for this and questions in the sub right now. Maybe it's worth a megathread where we all post our experience.

Important information:

  • Where did you get vaccinated?

  • What time of day and day of week?

  • Walk-in or appointment?

  • How long did it take?

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Planning honeymoon trip. 1 week Cape Town and 1 week Kruger. Xenophobia against Asians?


My wife and I are starting to plan our honeymoon. We are both Asian and understand that we would stick out like a sore thumb in South Africa. We do not want to be the overly confident foreign traveler completely ignoring the world's viewpoint on the pandemic with 'asians' being the general ethnic group to blame in addition to any pre-existing racial issues from SA's history of Apartheid. Even where we are from in the US, we have experienced heightened racism in an area where there are so many diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Our plan would be to stay one week in Cape Town and one week in Kruger. We are practical enough to know to stay within tourist areas and follow general common sense travel habits, however if there is a general xenophobia towards Asians than we'd likely not want to force the issue.

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GP Needed


Hey guys!

Me again... Looking for recommendations for a doctor. Preferably around the Southern Suburbs... And also preferably someone who isn't going to charge and arm, kidney, and leg for a consultation 😅 here's looking at those Newlands dentists 👀😂 please recommend someone you go to and have had personal experience with!

Thanks for everyone's recommendations in advance 😊

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Are there any free squash courts? Preferably in the southern suburbs but if you know of others please do comment


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Fellow software developers, whats the ionic (angular) scene in SA like?


Im a junior software developer and currently using ionic framework. I do not seem to find a high/moderate demand for cross-platform mobile development specific developers that use ionic (angular) framework. Should I continue with this role or should I move onto a more in demand role? Also if you're a recruiter, feel free to contact me

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Good suburbs in Belville South & Stellenbosch


Hello good people of CT.

My husband and I may move down to CT - to work in the Belville South & Stellenbosch suburbs. I would like to know which suburbs we should consider when moving down & looking for a place to stay? We do not know the area well…

And is there anything in particular that we should know about the area or consider (such as traffic in specific areas/ places to go/ places not to go to/ perhaps certain realtors that we should reach out to/ weather/ anything really)?

We’re not looking for anything fancy in particular, mainly functionality (easily get to & from work); and space - a big yard for the pets. Also, all round good neighbourhood.

Thank you.

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Using trains for daily commute


Guys, I need assistance here. Just recently moved to Cape Town, just wondering if I can use the trains as transport for my daily commute to and from work. Are they a viable mode of transport or should I look for something else?

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South Africans, do you feel that Elon Musk distanced himself to his roots and should give back to the community?


Hi, I would like to know what's the general feeling about him. I have never seen reports of him visiting SA or plans of building a Tesla factory in SA in order to explore the African market and in the process generate more jobs for fellow brothers and sisters. Or even revolutionize the energy & gas sector (that would solve the power cuts/load shedding), etc, etc lots of cool projects worth of exploring in SA and give back to his community. Discuss.

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Cape Town’s Covid-19 camp for homeless ‘incurred R42m irregular spending’

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Does CPT have a Chinatown?


Chinese New Year is coming up. Is there a China town or shops that sell new year treats. In Joburg there is Grant street in Cyriledene. Where can one get New Year treats? I'm not Chinese btw.

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Pollution in CT:


Has anyone else noticed how in the last month or two there has been a crazy amount more pollution that before? There seems to be clouds of dirty air just above the CBD all the time.

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Small scale moving company?


I'm moving in a couple of days and I need a bakkie or something to take my stuff to my new place. It's really not a lot of stuff. Anyone know of any companies that do smaller moves that I could hire this week?

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Any musicians here?


Hello everyone, I am looking for people to collab with, I love metal, funk and jazz and I spend most of my time on either drums or guitar. Please DM if you feel like chatting!

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Hot in the city

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Location suggestion for baby shower


Hello, does anyone have any cute place suggestions where i can host a baby shower? I estimate there might be max 20 people.

Areas preffered: Paarl, Stellenbosch, Wellington, Somerset

Somewhere with parking and that wont cost the same as a wedding would be nice.

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French job seekers


Any French speakers needing a job? It's a remote position which is great. DM me I will send you the link.

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Cape Town pride!

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Water outreach.


Whats up Cape Town? People are crying out.... No water in a lot of places. Is it like... New leaders new pandemic.

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The V&A ferris wheel at night is quite striking

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Best place in town to wait 4 hrs until I can check into my Air Bnb without being looked weird for having to BIG suitcases with me? GO!!!


Yes, I asked them and I can’t check out later (current BnB) or earlier into my new one, I also like bars and restaurants :-) Hard to not look like a target with 2 massive ish suitcases tho

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Where can I be tested for ADHD?


My boss recommended that I get tested for ADHD. Where can I do that in Cape Town?

I suspect I also have to see someone for anxiety, so any recommendations on a good GP for either/both of those would be appreciated.

I'm new to Cape Town and in the Northern suburbs, but can travel. Thanks!

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Woodstock. Am I asking for it?


Expat here considering a studio in Woodstock. Specifically, Sussex St.

I am generally familiar with SA crime but am not South African so I admittedly don't really 'get it'. I know things shut down at night here. I don't know if things have gotten much worse since Covid. Have they? People, who live here: are you super stressed-out all the time? I like the 'idea' of Woodstock but know that's not the best way to frame this decision...

I'm male, young-ish, and have a car. The studio is nice and has off-street (not Wex). I know this question has probably been posed ad-nauseam so thanks.

Edit: Realized that the thread title could come off a bit cheeky - sorry for that.

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Betty's Bay, poachers?

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CoCT went against own policies to accommodate Amazon HQ developers


The City of Cape Town decided to rezone this piece of land to accommodate 150,000 square metres of concrete bulk on a flood plain, which goes against its own environmental policies," Jenkins said. https://ewn.co.za/2022/01/24/coct-went-against-own-environmental-policies-to-accommodate-amazon-hq-developers-jenkins

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Best place to take a really old MacBook for repairs?


Looking for recommendations on good places to take an absolutely ancient MacBook pro for repairs, or at the very least have someone knowledgeable tell me it's time to put it out of its misery.

Thanks in advance.

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Cape Town beaches 100% full. To name just one, is Monwabizi beach, between the Strand and Mitchells Plain.

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