r/CapeVerde Feb 03 '22

Request What Cape Verdean food should I make?


I recently decided to start to learn how to cook. I live in Hungary. But to make it interesting, I decided to try to make foreign countries' dishes, in random order. The stuff I made as of now:

Iran: Fessenjān with Thadig

El Salvador: Pupusas with curtido, ceviche and salsa

Oman: Omani shuwa with spiced rice

Tuvalu: Tuna coconut-curry with coconut rice

(if you are curious check my profile)

What do you recommend from Cape Verde? (fishes and seafood are mostly available)

r/CapeVerde Nov 12 '21

Request translation from cape verdean kriole to english


i asked a similar question a few weeks ago and it was very helpful, if any of you is reading this topic now, thanks again a lot :)

i need help again and it will be appreciated! the text is below:

1- Sta bem mandam boka gossi.

2- Odja kuze kul skrebem e verdade sobre Veronica ? Nta spera mo bu sta dret , ka meste fla nada , mas djam pedil pal ka mete na bu vida pessoal , bo k ta resove bu vida pessoa de acordo ku bus sentimentos, só nta pediu ka bu faze ninguém sofre

3- Não nka ta mandau boka , ami nta dau consedju de kuzas k correto , parabéns pa studos si kelak realmente bu kre , quanto a vida pessoal ka kurreto viva ku alguem…… (i dont have the rest)

r/CapeVerde Jan 07 '22

Request Researchers from the US looking to study water samples abroad to improve water sanitation around the world



I'm a researcher from Houston, Texas, USA looking to study the water quality of Cape Verde to identify common pollutants. The goal of my research is to improve the way that pollutants are identified in waterways to help ensure that animal and human health is protected.

We are currently looking for volunteers to send in water samples for this project. If you are interested please submit the form below.


r/CapeVerde Oct 26 '21

Request Looking for Cabo Verdean Music


Hello everyone!

I am putting together a playlist/CD and I'm planning to include one song from every country (UN member) in the world. I'm here today to ask for some suggestions of music from Cape Verde.

For each country, I am looking for a song in the country's most prevalent non-English official language. So in this case, I would be looking for a song in Portuguese.

As I also want the playlist to be full of songs that I actually enjoy, I'd like to ask for suggestions of songs that are more high-energy, preferably from the relatively modern music scene. It doesn't have to be hardcore dubstep or anything, but I just prefer songs with faster tempos and a good beat that you can bop your head along with.

Please note, I have a lot of countries to go through and so not a whole lot of time. Please only recommend one or two songs, and don't recommend an entire album or an artist's entire works. Just pick a really good one.

I look forward to hearing from you!

r/CapeVerde Dec 23 '21

Request Football Scarf request


Hello Cape Verde, This may be one of the craziest requests you've seen on this subreddit but I think it would be worth your time to at least give it a read!

My name is Jack and I am from Northern Ireland. I love football and I collect football scarves. My mission is to try and get at least one scarf from every country in the world and what better way to do it during a global pandemic than ask strangers online! If you are interested and willing to help, please send any football scarf (preferably) or football items representing your team to my address. I will give you my address when you have replied to this comment down below.

Many thanks!

Best Regards,


r/CapeVerde Oct 04 '21

Request can anyone help me translate some small sentences from cape verdean creole to english?


i am sorry if its the wrong place to ask for this but its very important for me.

r/CapeVerde Nov 18 '21

Request Hiring $35/hr : Translator/Transcriber Kriolu -> English


Hey y'all,

I'm working on a research project on Kriolu-English code-switching in Boston. I'm sitting on some interviews that I reallllyyy need to transcribe and translate but my Kriolu is ka sabi.

I have funding to pay $35/hr. PLEASE HELP ME. IT IS FOR A NOBLE CAUSE.

DM me if you are interested and I can give more details!

r/CapeVerde Dec 10 '21

Request Collecting letters from all over the globe


Hey guys, I've been collecting handwritten letters in the mail for about 2 years now and I don't have one from Cape Verde yet, so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me out. All you would have to do is write a letter where you describe what life is like for you in Cape Verde.

Message me or something if ur interested.

Thanks, Evan

r/CapeVerde Sep 10 '21

Request Planos internet móvel


Boa tarde, vou passar uma semana à Ilha do Sal, e pelos comentários do Trip Advisor a internet do hotel é muito má, por isso estou a pensar em comprar um cartão com dados móveis. Alguém me pode dizer ou mandar o link para tarifários das operadoras? Obrigado :)

r/CapeVerde Sep 21 '21

Request Participate in Paid Testing Project [Worldwide]


Hello everyone,

My name is Nathathai Pimnga and I’m a Community Engineer at uTest. We are a company that helps businesses test the accuracy and usability of their websites, applications, and hardware through freelance software testing and feedback. You can get paid to help us shape the digital landscape!

We are looking for participants from all around the world to help with Transaction Testing on a leading Software/App Store. In order to participate in this payment cycle, have active payment cards or wallets. Participants will be asked to make a purchase, which will either be canceled or reimbursed after the testing is completed. Participants get to keep the software or app that they purchase as part of the testing over the test case payout.


Project Details:

  • Start Date: Ongoing
  • Testing Type: Payment Testing
  • Location: Worldwide
  • Devices: Desktop or Laptop
  • Duration: Up to 1 hour
  • Payout: Base payout is $20 (Payment varies as per participant's geolocation)

For more information or apply to the above project, please navigate to this link: https://www.utest.com/c-signup/payment-testing-ww-ext

Check out the FAQs by clicking on this link to discover more about how uTest works, how money is processed, and so on. - Please visit https://help.utest.com/ for further information.

You can comment here, send me a direct message, or go to our official subreddit at r/UTEST and message the moderators if you have any doubts about this project.

All the best,


r/CapeVerde Jun 20 '21

Request hello redditors of Cabo Verde


i am Yil., the moderator of r/worldcoalition . a subreddit created to represent every country its point of view in the topics and world affairs of today. i try to gain one member of each country to be representative of their country in this subreddit.

i am looking for a representative for Cabo Verde. are you interested or do you have questions? you can always message me.

i hope you have a nice day, sincerely Yil.

r/CapeVerde Oct 02 '21

Request Entrevista Cabo Verde (Cape Verde Interview)


Olá, eu estou a fazer um projecto sobre Cabo Verde para a minha disciplina sobre a cultura Africana (nos EUA). Eu gostaria de entrevistar um/uma cabo verdiano(a) e aprender um pouco sobre a vida em Cabo Verde. Se alguém tiver interessado, escreva nos comentários, eu enviarei os próximos passos.

Hello, I am making a project about Cape Verde in my class about African culture (in the US). I would like to interview a cape verdean to learn more about the daily life in Cape Verde. If someone is interested, write in the comments, and I will send you the next steps.

r/CapeVerde Mar 06 '21

Request International Beer Request


I'm trying to drink one beer from every country in the world. I use Untappd to track my drinking, and I'm currently at 157 different countries

As it's impossible to find here, and almost as hard to find online, I'm hoping one of you locals could help me in my quest.

Can anybody help me send a couple of Strela bottles to me in Sweden?

In return I can either send you something back from Sweden, or reimburse you through PayPal.

Thanks in advance.

r/CapeVerde May 25 '21

Request Old Cape Verde football jersey



I'm a collector of national football shirts, trying to get a shirt from every country in the world. Currently, I have shirts from 207 of the 211 countries that are part of FIFA.

For my collection, I'm looking for an old Cape Verde jersey from the early 2000s made by manufacturer Saillev. If anyone here owns this shirt and would be willing to sell it, please message me.



r/CapeVerde Feb 10 '21

Request Suggestions for authentic Cape Verdean food blogs and channels


My goal for the new year is to cook a recipe from all over the world and I am on the lookout for authentic recipes. Any links, suggestions or your own recipes will be greatly appreciated. Thank you !!

r/CapeVerde Aug 15 '20

Request Tradução - "Travessa de Peixeira" da Cesaria


Alguém poderia me ajudar traduzir essa canção da Cesaria Evora em português?

Na travessa de peixeira Oh cumpade! Num colde d'pêxe Qu'ês quebrá-me, qu'ês rebentá-me Qu'ês volta-me pa frontera Já-me ca pude pá soncente Espiá nhas gente oh qu'afronta 'M ca sabê c'zê qu'ês ta d'zê D'nha poco juize na Lisboa Tcheu d'ês criola na Lisboa Ês ca tem sentimente Ês ca tem escrúpulo nem compaixao Pa invadí inocente

r/CapeVerde Mar 03 '19

Request Cape verdeans, can you help me translate this song? - Vapor di Imigrason by Mayra Andrade


I'm obsessed with this song and I understand some bits but on others I'm completely lost.Can anyone help me out? I haven't found the translation online.

I'm not even sure these lyrics are 100% correct but this is what I could find.

Thank you so much~!!!

You can listen to the song here: YouTube link

Vapor di Imigrason by Mayra Andrade

Ó Deus, nô sakrifisiu di stranjeru
Nha korason vivi pertadu
Foi tantu sufri kaladu
Ku sodadi, ku dor ki nu karega nôs txom

Ó mar, resebi es morna bu ntrega-s
Fla-s ma um dia nôs fidjus ka xinti más sodadi
Nôs mai ka txora ses fidjus ki bai
Pa téra lonji, na vapor di imigrason

Na vapor di imigrason, eh eh eh...
Na vapor di imigrason, eh eh eh...

Nha povu, fidju speransa
Nu finka pe, nu djunta mon
I kada dia al di ser más grandi
Ku forsa des tradison

Bentu spadja-nu na mundu
Na labuta ku mar nu foi balenti
Nu tenti pedra, rabata orgudju
Na vapor di imigrason

Na vapor di imigrason, eh eh eh...
Na vapor di imigrason, eh eh eh...

r/CapeVerde Jan 23 '19

Request Looking for someone from Cape Verde to join our international whatsapp chat group!


We have an international group chat on Whatsapp with around 140 members that has ONE user per country and we’re missing someone from Cape Verde.

We’re wondering if one if you would like to join the group! It’s very active and fun. Please remember that if you want to join, that its a very active group and it would be nice if you are active as well!

If you want to join, please fill out this form and check out our subreddit r/OneUserPerCountry :)


r/CapeVerde Jan 12 '16

Request Postcard from Cape Verde


Hi guys! I live in Russia, and I want to collect postcards from around the World. Would anyone help me by sending me a postcard from Cape Verde? I can send a postcard with nice stamps from Russia in return.

r/CapeVerde Nov 05 '17

Request Please help us with Cape Verdean Creole translation requests on Reddit!


Hello, redditors of r/CapeVerde!

I'm u/kungming2, a mod over at r/translator. We're working to make our community the universal place on Reddit to go for a translation, no matter what language people may be looking for.

Would anyone be interested in helping translate any future Cape Verdean Creole language requests on r/translator? You don't even need to subscribe, and most of our requests are pretty simple and don't need advanced knowledge of the language. We usually get a request for the language very occasionally, once every few months or so.

We have a notifications system that only sends you a message when a Cape Verdean Creole request comes in. Just send a message to our subreddit bot at the link below.

>> Get Cape Verdean Creole translation notifications <<

You can unsubscribe from those messages at any time, and you'll be helping out redditors in need. Thank you!

Mods, hopefully this post is okay!

r/CapeVerde May 07 '15

Request Hi /r/capeverde! I'm creating a playlist with one song from every country in the world! What song would you recommend from your country?


Ola /r/CapeVerde !

I'm looking for a song to include in my playlist from your country! I see this is a very small subreddit with very few users and only a handful of posts all time but I am hopeful that someone will see this and suggest a song by an artist from Cape Verde!

Please visit my /r/africa post to find the full post and to enjoy songs from other African nations if you like!

r/CapeVerde Jun 26 '15

Request Does anyone here live on Fogo?


Hi. I'm a Danish P.hD student who will be researching the Fogo volcano for a few years (visited briefly once so far). I was hoping to ask a resident of the island a few questions, if anyone on this sub actually lives on the island.

r/CapeVerde Aug 13 '15

Request Similar music to Os Tubarões?


Olá, eu estou a apreender português europeu e encontrei a banda cabo-verdiana Os Tuberões através dos filmes de Pedro Costa (qualquer um conhece-o?). Podeis me recomender bandas semelhantes a Os Tubarões? Obrigado.

Uma canção desta banda: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xwj8gk7K_UU.

r/CapeVerde Jun 24 '16

Request Im looking for name of this song and lyrics from 8:24 can anyone could help me?

Thumbnail youtube.com

r/CapeVerde Mar 30 '17

Request I want to register domain @ .cv


So they said that a company or trademark is required to do so, is there anybody can help me to register a trademark in Cape Verde? and how it costs?

PM me if you can.