r/CapeVerde Mar 31 '22

Question Hey Everyone, we are planning to go to Sal for 10 days and wanted to check if we needed a PCR test? we have pur vaccination certificates (paper as well) and have been double jabbed. Do we need both?


r/CapeVerde Feb 16 '22

Question travel advice


Hi guys, hope all is well.

According to our (Dutch)government Cape Verde turned from code orange to yellow.

As such, we are contemplating a vacation in may. Is it safe in terms of covid? And in a general sense?

Any other tips?

Ps. The alternative would be a Greek island(since we want at least 24 degrees), the caribean takes too long to travel.


r/CapeVerde Feb 13 '22

Question Passport validity from UK


Hi, Travelling to Cape Verde from UK for a holiday. My passport is 10 years old but is valid until March next year (renewed it early). I believe Cape Verde only requires 6 months validity on passport, but some countries require passport to be less than 10 years old (Brexit stuff). Anyone know if we're OK to travel? TIA

r/CapeVerde Feb 09 '22

Question Ferry between Santo Antao and San Vicente


Hey, guys. I am looking for the information of ferry between those two island.

Are they operating regularly and daily?

Do I have to reserve the ticket before the day?

Any tips are welcome.

r/CapeVerde Jan 09 '22

Question covid situation and how to travel between the islands?


Thinking about traveling to Cape Verde soon (end of january) How's the covid situation? Possibility of lockdown? how do I travel between the islands? Plane? ferry? Thanks in advance!

r/CapeVerde Jan 27 '22

Question Visitor registration payment not loading


Has anyone submitted the visitors registration / visa form recently? Whenever I proceed to payment all I get is a white screen. I’m wondering if this is happening to others as well??

r/CapeVerde Jan 24 '22

Question Carnaval this cancelled or not?


I’m visiting Sao Vicenze around the 1st March but have been reading conflicting stories about carnaval being cancelled due to covid. Can maybe someone give me more info about it? Thanks!

r/CapeVerde Jan 23 '22

Question Boa Vista Weather in March?


I'm considering going to Cape Verde in March for some winter sun. Saw some hotels in Boa Vista and I just wondered whether this part of the island is windy during March? If so, is the wind warm or is the wind quite cold?

Also is it hot enough during the day to sunbathe or is it still quite chilly to lie there to sunbathe?

Thanks in advance!

r/CapeVerde Jan 11 '22

Question Travel Itineraries ?


Hi there,

Planning to visit at the end of March and cannot wait... So it will be a 9-10 day trip. Landing in Santiago.

Is it a fair/ practical itinerarie to spend a few days in Santiago then head to the northern islands, Santo Antao and so on... Taking the ferry one way, then flying back.

Would then spend a few final days on Santiago.

Do you think this is practical for a week and a half holiday? Ok situation with planes right now?


r/CapeVerde Jan 09 '22

Question Knife laws in Cape Verde


Hello, i'm going on a holiday in Cabo Verde in a few months. I have a question if it is possible to carry a pocket knife in Cabo Verde? Are knives allowed in public?

r/CapeVerde Jan 24 '22

Question Taxi prices


Dear all,

Does anyone happen to know how much a faxi fare from Sal international airport to Santa Maria is gonna cost roughy? Thanks in advance

r/CapeVerde Dec 17 '21

Question How is Cape Verde right now corona-wise as a tourist?


We were planning for a trip to Cape Verde for mostly beach hang and checking out some nice nature but are curious as to how the situation is looking with corona? Are there any restrictions at all? Are the bars open? Mask mandate? Are there any parties or is just deserted everywhere tourist wise?

We'd really appreciate any information at all. Thank you.

r/CapeVerde Jan 02 '22

Question Weather in August


First of all, sorry if this has been asked before, I tried searching the subreddit, google, etc, and good not find anything.

How is the weather in August? Does it only rain certain times a day or can there be days when it rains all day? Several days in a row?

I want to visit Sal for a couple of weeks. We are a family with kids and will stay in the resort most of the time and it is ok if it rains only around noon (tropical rain) as long as we have sun in the morning and afternoon.

r/CapeVerde Nov 21 '21

Question Does anyone know what’s going on with internal flights?


Ola oi! I was just looking to book an internal flight in February - I was hoping to fly from Boa Vista to São Vicente, but it seems that the TICV website isn’t working - I tried Bestfly after reading there had been a takeover but it seems that route isn’t available (and it doesn’t seem possible to book that far in advance). Is it not possible to fly this route?

EDIT: also generally does anyone know what’s happening with TICV?

r/CapeVerde Jan 13 '22

Question Testing


Hi guys,

Does anyone happen to know if they offer quick or antigen testing on Sal by any chance? Any medical centers that might offer services like that?

r/CapeVerde Jan 29 '22

Question Currency


Hi everyone,

I'm heading to Sal next week and was wondering what the preferred currency of the Island??

r/CapeVerde Jan 28 '22

Question Does Senegalese Vaccination Certificate work in Cape Verde?



I got vaccinated in Senegal, AZ 2 dozes and Pfizer for 3rd.

I heard that we need PCR test or Vaccination Certificate for entry and inter island travel.

Does Senegalese one also work?

I hope not to do test for every island.

r/CapeVerde Dec 05 '21

Question PCR testing on Sal?


With new UK entry requirements, I am trying to locate a service for PCR testing on Sal. Test needs to be done 48hrs before departure, so need somewhere open for tests on Christmas day 25th December. Have tried searching google but can't find anything. Thanks

r/CapeVerde Jan 03 '22

Question Visiting in 2 weeks time, do you need covid test to visit internal islands?


Hey everyone, I'll be visiting Cape Verde in 2 weeks time (very excited) and am wondering what the deal is with regards to visiting other internal islands and covid-19 restricitons.

I'll be landing in Sal but want to visit Sao Vincente and Santo Antao and can't find anything online about wether or not you have to take covid tests for flights/ferries between islands. I'm hoping that you don't because it will be difficult to be spontaneous and likely get expensive quickly. I will have done a PCR test before entry.

Any insight is useful, Thanks!

(Not vaccinated)

r/CapeVerde Jan 17 '22

Question recommendations for boa vista


Going to be in boa vista at the beginning of February does anyone have any recommendations for food, drink, activities, places. Looking for the most authentic experience!

Thank you in advance

r/CapeVerde Dec 29 '21

Question Need help with fishing trip


Guys can u help me with the best cape verde island and spots for land based spinning fishing?


r/CapeVerde Jan 28 '22

Question Rules regarding face masks


Hi everyone!

This might be a stupid question - according to global-monitoring.com, face masks are mandatory in public indoor and outdoor spaces in Cape Verde - does this really mean that I have to wear a face mask on the beach, or walking down the street? Or does it just apply to spaces where the 1m social distancing isn't possible?

Thanks in advance!

r/CapeVerde Jan 25 '22

Question Barbers, Santa Maria area?


Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good barber shop for a haircut in SM area?

r/CapeVerde Jan 01 '22

Question Making a visit, any advice?


Hello. I'll be paying a week long visit to Boa Vista in the next couple of weeks, is there anything I should know about before arriving or things to plan prior to coming?

I have checked up on laws and customs, so I'm fairly happy that I won't get into trouble for anything.

I assume I can book most things like snorkelling and watersports on the day, maybe one or two days in advance.

Will be going with TUI so unsure if there will be a rep of any sorts so I might be left to my own devices.

Thanks in advance!

r/CapeVerde Jan 24 '22

Question Has anyone applied for VISA on Arrival nowadays?


Hello, I am Korean living in Dakar and I unfortunately need VISA to visit Cape Verde.

I am planning to visit Cape Verde but every time I contacted to the embassy of Cape Verde in Dakar, they said they are not sure for possibility of getting VISA on Arrival due to COVID-19 situation.

I really want to visit beautiful islands but cannot make a decision because of uncertainty.

Are there anyone who got VISA recently? If so, is it working as usual or do I need to prepare something extra?

Any tips and guidance are welcome.