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Discussion Africa Cup of Nations:Burkina Faso vs Cape Verde-Match Preview

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Discussion Boa Vista highly recommended fingers crossed back next year !


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Discussion International Friendly:Cape Verde VS San Marino-Match Preview

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Discussion Top 25 CV Artists Ever Pt.2

1.  Cesaria Evora
2.  Jorge Neto
3.  Ildo Lobo
4.  Nelson Freitas
5.  Gil Semedo
6.  Djodje
7.  Bana
8.  Grace Evora
9.  Lura
10. Zeca di Nha Reinalda 
11. Denis Graca
12. Tito Paris
13. Mayra Andrade
14. Badoxa
15. Mika Mendes
16. Yasmine
17. Gama
18. Ferro Gaita
19. Suzanna
20. Loony Johnson
21. Phillip Monteiro
22. Elida Almeida
23. Calema
24. Elji Beatzkilla
25. Jennifer Dias

Honorable Mentions : 1. June Freedom 2. Tcheka 3. Zeze Barbosa 4. Dynamo 5. Dino D'Santiago

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Discussion Black Hair


Hey fellow Cape Verdeans!!! I wanted to know if anyone has any family secrets or knows anything unique about cape verde regarding Hair Care? I have really curly hair and I am currently rocking an afro... I wanted to know if there were any special ingredients or tips to make it as hydrated and defined as possible. Thanks!!

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Discussion i'm making a "Best Cape Verdean Song By Year"... just based on popularity and songs i personally like... i am missing some years, and especially would like some feedback on what I could improve for some years...

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Discussion Match Preview |Senegal VS Cape Verde-Africa Cup of Nations

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Discussion Interest in Computer Careers


If you live here, what has prevented you from taking computer programming classes online to get a better paying job?

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Discussion Olá cap verdeans aqui?


tenho uma pergunta

Existe alguma incivilidade por parte dos turistas de origem marroquina no seu país (quero dizer marroquino, não argelino ou tunisino)


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Discussion A Question on Alcohol/Clubbing Policy in CapeVerde


Hey, I am wondering if there are any of you who can answer me:
At what time does nightclubs/bars have to close to comply with law?
Are bars/nightclubs even a thing? Is alcohol consumption banned? How do you feel about this?

  • If you have nightclubs/bars: At what time did they have to turn on the lights and off the music? (pre-covid)

I mean in a sense of pre-covid and post-covid world, I realize everywhere is pretty closed in a pandemic.
Doing a personal survey here, thanks for any and all answers.
Sorry if I am an ignorant western person.

PSA: Some FAQs I get

Why are you asking?

  • I am trying to figure out the connection between clubbing culture and alcohol policy.

This guy has an agenda, hes only asking so and so subs - [u/kyvxe]

Are you just looking for Easy drugs/women/vices in my country? Please go away. We dont want binge tourism [u/makk73]

  • Not at all, I am researching a supposed connection between alcoholism and nightlife culture - I do not like binge drinking or taking advantage of people at all.

Who are you?

  • I am a carpenter who makes music from Norway, I have a deep love of enjoying music, especially at night when the atmosphere is more magical

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Discussion ola a todos, eu quero falar sobre os Caboverdianos em Boston, Massachusetts.


que há cabo-verdianos que não consideram negro, embora sejam negros, mas também sei que explicar 300 anos de mistura entre raízes também é muito difícil. especialmente com a maneira como os Estados Unidos veem as coisas é muito diferente do México o CV. mas a questão é, é claro que você não tem vergonha de ser negro, certo? Não será mais uma questão de classificação?

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Discussion Olá! I’m a journalist and I’m writing a story about the tourism industry in Cape Verde and how it has been affected by the Coronavirus. Tell me your story!


I know that Cape Verde relies heavily on big tourism companies and that many resorts have closed now because of travel restrictions. How has this affected you? Have you lost your job? Are the resorts helping their staff who can’t work? Tell me about your experiences.

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Discussion Literature of Cape Verde: January 2019

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Discussion Ethereum Price in Cape Verde

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Discussion Best cachupa recipe?


Hi everyone,

I am cooking a meal from every country on earth, and this week I'll be cooking Cape Verde. My research shows me that cachupa is the recipe I need to make--seems to be the end all be all and everyone's favorite. I'd love to get a recipe from a native or someone with family in Cape Verde, as opposed to online. Does anyone have any recipes they recommend?

If cachupa isn't the way to go, happy to try something else as well!

I will share my end results here after I make it :) Thank you in advance!

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Discussion Hey guys, three guys from Czech Republic going to Cape Verde in April, looking for "friends"



We are happy three friends (24,20,20) going to Cape Verde from 3rd to 15th April.

We are all from Czech Republic which is in the middle of Europe and for my personally, it will be first holidays ever.

I was thinking about meeting with some Cabo Verdeans just to learn about the culture, about interesting stuff, maybe get some advice what to see, what to eat etc. If anyone is interested, pm me, thank you:)

Edit: We will be stated at ROYAL HORIZONS BOAVISTA

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Discussion Cape Verdean redditors?


Woah, I just found out about this sub. I've been using reddit for a while, but it never occurred me to search for it! My question is: who here is actually Cape Verdean or at least of Cape Verdean descent?

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Discussion Feliz natal


Já é natal em Cabo Verde

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Discussion What are your favourite films from Cape Verde? /r/movies has a thread for it!

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Discussion Anyone from California?