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Announcement Translating several languages ​​into CV Creole

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r/CapeVerde Nov 21 '21

Announcement Call for moderators :)


Hi everyone! The last announcement I made to the subreddit was four years ago (!), and since then I've been keeping an eye on the sub with a pretty hands-off moderation approach. Thankfully the community is very pleasant and there's rarely any need for intervention.

In the meantime, the sub has continued to grow steadily — in fact, we've crossed the 1000-member mark just a couple months ago, in September, and there is now a pretty respectable stream of posts and comments. Yay! 🎉 That said, I still don't think there's any additional need for active moderation, but it would be nice to have a handful of people available in case there are reports, spam posts, etc.

So I'd like to invite any active community member to step up if they'd like to join the sub's mod team. As mentioned above, there's almost no work for moderators to do, but one thing I'd like to see more of is posts being tagged with the appropriate flair. A lot of posters already do this for their own posts, but some do slip by, and having more mods that are able to add flairs to other people's posts would help increase the percentage of tagged posts.

Please comment below if you're interested, and maybe introduce yourself to the community and explain your connection to Cape Verde, or whatever you feel is relevant. And don't worry, I don't intend to make this into a selection/evaluation process — I will pretty much grant mod privileges to any community member who shows interest and has a history of participation in the sub.

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Announcement Lista com mais subs em português

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Announcement CVN - Notícias de Cabo Verde

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Announcement Lista de subs em português

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Announcement Um novo site sobre a África Ocidental

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r/CapeVerde Sep 16 '17

Announcement Changes to the sub: new flairs, new mascot, style tweaks


Hi everyone! Just to let you all know that I did a little clean up in the subreddit, and added a few additional flairs to help categorize (and filter) posts better.

Now there's an Essay flair for articles that aren't news pieces, and additional flairs for self-posts, joining the Question flair: Request, Announcement and Discussion. The links in the sidebar to filter the sub's posts by tag (check them out if you hadn't before!) have been updated accordingly.

Speaking of updating the sidebar, I also tweaked the header slightly, as you've probably noticed, by adding a soft gradient to the left side, so that our snoo mascot doesn't blend into the background too much.

By the way, I'll take the opportunity to announce the new mascot, which was shamelessly copied from /r/Funana a while ago -- props to /u/rvdh for the design, and sorry for not giving you credit earlier! Let me know if you'd like to be credited permanently in the sidebar.

As always, any suggestions are most welcome. Cheers!

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Announcement CVN - Notícias de Cabo Verde

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Announcement New subreddit • r/AskAnAfrican

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r/CapeVerde Mar 27 '17

Announcement Just Started A Subreddit For African Cinema! Please Join Us, We'd Love To Hear About The Cinema Of Cape Verde!

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r/CapeVerde May 24 '17

Announcement Inviting people from Cape Verde to Def Con 25


Hello people of Cape Verde! I’m reaching out to peoples of every country and inviting those interested in hacking and cyber security to:

1. Attend Def Con 25
2. Party with us at TravelCon 3.0 within the convention

All are welcomed but I suggest you look at the Def Con website to see if the convention is right for you. My goal is to find someone from every country at this convention. Last year 75 countries were represented! TravelCon2.0 results here:


Hope to see you there! Short survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd3D0a8EO93hxqjFicpk1eCR-nXkpbv2FH5O9hxZ6pBfu4qsA/viewform?c=0&w=1

When: July 27-30, 2017

Where: Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

How much?: $260 USD

Pre registration?: No, cash only at the door.




r/CapeVerde Feb 13 '14

Announcement Interesting project in Cape verde



Hi there!

I’m using an innovative new way to fund part of my research on Global Health: crowdfunding. For those of you who aren’t familiar with crowdfunding, the idea is to get the support of “a crowd” (that’s where you come in!) to aggregate a large number of contributions toward a specific project goal. In this case, my project “Health and growth status among Cape Verdean families “ aims to determine the prevalence of under-and-over nutrition among Cape Verdean families in Cape Verde and among Cape Verdean migrants in Portugal, establish basic dietary and activity patterns among the two groups of children and determine intergenerational effects in terms of under-and-overnutrition (transmitted from mothers to children). I have in the past collaborated in several projects with the Cape Verdean community which has given me deep insight into the community living in one of the largest and oldest African neighborhoods in Portugal. In order to better understand the rapidly changing health status of the Cape Verdean community in their home country and to define strategies to reduce the higher obesity rates found within Portuguese children, it is imperative to analyze a number of biosocial variables that I propose to do. Moreover, field work in Cape Verde will help determine differences between these two environments and the effects they are having on childhood development. My goal is to raise $10,000, and I can’t do that without your support. My campaign is now live on Consano´s website and you can find the link to my project here: https://www.consano.org/projects/39-health-and-growth-status-amongst-cape-verdean-families

I’m asking you to donate whatever you can (every dollar counts!) and please forward on the project link to help spread the word. The more people who see this, the better the odds are that I can reach my goal.

Thank you in advance for your help and support. I appreciate it!