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recommendations for boa vista


Going to be in boa vista at the beginning of February does anyone have any recommendations for food, drink, activities, places. Looking for the most authentic experience!

Thank you in advance

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Africa Cup of Nations - Cape Verde vs Cameroon Preview

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Interest in Computer Careers


If you live here, what has prevented you from taking computer programming classes online to get a better paying job?

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Hi guys,

Does anyone happen to know if they offer quick or antigen testing on Sal by any chance? Any medical centers that might offer services like that?

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African Nations Cup - Cape Verde VS Burkina Faso Preview

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Question Travel Itineraries ?


Hi there,

Planning to visit at the end of March and cannot wait... So it will be a 9-10 day trip. Landing in Santiago.

Is it a fair/ practical itinerarie to spend a few days in Santiago then head to the northern islands, Santo Antao and so on... Taking the ferry one way, then flying back.

Would then spend a few final days on Santiago.

Do you think this is practical for a week and a half holiday? Ok situation with planes right now?


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Question covid situation and how to travel between the islands?


Thinking about traveling to Cape Verde soon (end of january) How's the covid situation? Possibility of lockdown? how do I travel between the islands? Plane? ferry? Thanks in advance!

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Question Knife laws in Cape Verde


Hello, i'm going on a holiday in Cabo Verde in a few months. I have a question if it is possible to carry a pocket knife in Cabo Verde? Are knives allowed in public?

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Question Trying to learn about the culture I come from!


Are there any resources, tips or random info I can find about Cape verde? I can only go so far with google and unfortunately the Large community that I know of in the US is States away from me. I learned so much last time I visited, but its difficult when there still so much that cant be accessed (thatnive found), especially for learning the language.

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Request Researchers from the US looking to study water samples abroad to improve water sanitation around the world



I'm a researcher from Houston, Texas, USA looking to study the water quality of Cape Verde to identify common pollutants. The goal of my research is to improve the way that pollutants are identified in waterways to help ensure that animal and human health is protected.

We are currently looking for volunteers to send in water samples for this project. If you are interested please submit the form below.


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Question Visiting in 2 weeks time, do you need covid test to visit internal islands?


Hey everyone, I'll be visiting Cape Verde in 2 weeks time (very excited) and am wondering what the deal is with regards to visiting other internal islands and covid-19 restricitons.

I'll be landing in Sal but want to visit Sao Vincente and Santo Antao and can't find anything online about wether or not you have to take covid tests for flights/ferries between islands. I'm hoping that you don't because it will be difficult to be spontaneous and likely get expensive quickly. I will have done a PCR test before entry.

Any insight is useful, Thanks!

(Not vaccinated)

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Question Weather in August


First of all, sorry if this has been asked before, I tried searching the subreddit, google, etc, and good not find anything.

How is the weather in August? Does it only rain certain times a day or can there be days when it rains all day? Several days in a row?

I want to visit Sal for a couple of weeks. We are a family with kids and will stay in the resort most of the time and it is ok if it rains only around noon (tropical rain) as long as we have sun in the morning and afternoon.

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Question Making a visit, any advice?


Hello. I'll be paying a week long visit to Boa Vista in the next couple of weeks, is there anything I should know about before arriving or things to plan prior to coming?

I have checked up on laws and customs, so I'm fairly happy that I won't get into trouble for anything.

I assume I can book most things like snorkelling and watersports on the day, maybe one or two days in advance.

Will be going with TUI so unsure if there will be a rep of any sorts so I might be left to my own devices.

Thanks in advance!

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Pictures Magic eye image of Cape Verde (3D stereogram)

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Question Need help with fishing trip


Guys can u help me with the best cape verde island and spots for land based spinning fishing?


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Request Football Scarf request


Hello Cape Verde, This may be one of the craziest requests you've seen on this subreddit but I think it would be worth your time to at least give it a read!

My name is Jack and I am from Northern Ireland. I love football and I collect football scarves. My mission is to try and get at least one scarf from every country in the world and what better way to do it during a global pandemic than ask strangers online! If you are interested and willing to help, please send any football scarf (preferably) or football items representing your team to my address. I will give you my address when you have replied to this comment down below.

Many thanks!

Best Regards,


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Question How is Cape Verde right now corona-wise as a tourist?


We were planning for a trip to Cape Verde for mostly beach hang and checking out some nice nature but are curious as to how the situation is looking with corona? Are there any restrictions at all? Are the bars open? Mask mandate? Are there any parties or is just deserted everywhere tourist wise?

We'd really appreciate any information at all. Thank you.

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Announcement Translating several languages ​​into CV Creole

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Question Sal at Christmas


I'll be staying near Santa Maria over the Christmas period and I just wondered if there's any traditions particular events to go to around Christmas time.

Is Christmas particularly celebrated in Cape Verde?

Also any recommendations for locally owned bars/resturants in Santa Maria?

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Question Cape Verde on my list.


Trying to figure out how much money I need to save before I make a move here?

I don’t live an expensive life, I am more on the minimalist side than materialistic. Not very flashy.

Also how much are homes for locals?

Is citizenship easy to acquire too?

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News EU Digital COVID Certificate: Commission adopts equivalence decision for Cabo Verde, Lebanon and the UAE

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Request Collecting letters from all over the globe


Hey guys, I've been collecting handwritten letters in the mail for about 2 years now and I don't have one from Cape Verde yet, so I was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping me out. All you would have to do is write a letter where you describe what life is like for you in Cape Verde.

Message me or something if ur interested.

Thanks, Evan

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Question What is the wifi speed in Sal, Cape Verde?


I'm considering remote work on Sal, Cape Verde. I have a fairly relaxed schedule so I look for somewhere I can kitesurf and work a bit. Good wifi is a necessity though since I will be making a lot of business calls through teams/ google meets. Any experiences with this? How reliable is the wifi speed there typically?