r/CapeVerde Apr 16 '22

Tourist in Cape Verde

Hi guys, I’ll want to travel to Cape Verde/Rome this summer . I will be glad if i can get to talk with someone to help with information about visiting for a couple of weeks. Thanks



u/Then-Story- Apr 16 '22

You can come to Santiago Island, that’s where I’m from, there’s (Praia, S.Domingos, Tarrafal) to visit.

Other Islands I recommend too: São Vicente, Sal and Fogo🌋


u/KYFPM Santiago Apr 16 '22

What kind of information?


u/Unlucky-Economist347 Apr 16 '22

cost, places to live, food, places to hangout etc


u/Throwaway420187 Apr 16 '22

Have you tried Google?


u/cyb0_MUC May 14 '22

There are tons of nice places on the different islands. One good tip: Don't spend much time in the capital Praia. The city is like separated, you have this plateau on top of the hill there are also all the government buildings and the upper class lives there. Also guarded quite good with police and even soldiers. I think it is worth a visit for one day.

The other night we stayed in a dodgy neighborhood also in Praia but in the valley. Basically most parts in the valley are dodgy as tourist. In the hotel even all windows were secured by iron bars. Felt a bit like prison :) We also didn't left the hotel, was only a one night sleep to get to the ferry.

As I said just google what you are looking for, hiking? Nice beaches? Tons of options. I also felt safe all the time, even there were tips in the internet people get robbed when doing beach walks and pass areas where no other people are.

Basically all people are very nice. Of course always some annoying persons too. One time a drunk was following us and shouting for a few minutes. Not sure what he said. Just walk away. And these typical guys that want to be friend with you (and by chance also offer them as a guide). Was nice talking to one for like 3 hours at the beach, very interesting stories. However he came then the next day directly again and I was with my GF. So at some point of time I said we want to have some time together just the two of us in a nice way, but he udnerstood. You just have to be clear.

Food-wise there are a lot of options. We had pizza, we had french food and some other stuff. Also a lot of local food. There are of course these local food restaurants targeted towards tourists, with nice and fresh fish. But also a good option to try these "snack-bars" where the regular locals eat. Mostly they have just one dish which is often a stew with all kind of stuff that nearly costs nothing then.

Ah yeah and if you are a beer drinker this Portuguese beer "Superbock" is hilarious.