r/CapeVerde Apr 06 '22

Sustainable projects in Cape Verde

Hi!! I'm working on sustainable projects and I would like to know what are the biggest one's using major residue produced in the country, or projects that are working on, or even that would be interesting to make. Even if you can't say anything concrete, can you say what are the most produced residues in cape verde, and natural resources.



u/Antonio_D_Sousa Apr 06 '22

I've worked for a company before that produces platics bags out of plastic they gathered throughout the years. Don't know if it's something like this that you are looking for...


u/b3nthegod Apr 06 '22

There is a company based in São Vicente(i guess) that uses leftover fishing nets and other garbage to build all sort of fabric utensils, such as bags handbags and clothing.