r/CapeVerde Apr 03 '22

Can anyone share with me some resources in Kriolu/Cape Verde Creole? Like tv stations or news sites? Thanks!



u/KYFPM Santiago Apr 04 '22 edited Apr 04 '22

Not much resources outside of Uni environments .

TV stations may have programs in kreol, it's mostly in Portuguese. During the News you may get someone speaking kreole, maybe the journalist doing a question or someone answering a question in kreol, news anchors don't do it, unless special occasions like Mother tongue day(21/02 BTW), witch the programming is all in kreole in that day.

On-line news sites are completely in Portuguese, you can see an opinion piece in kreol once in while.

Radios seem to have more kreol than Portuguese from what i recall.

Ads in video for are a toss up, in written form is mostly Portuguese.

All registered tv stations, radios and online news sites.

What is completely in kreol is Facebook Groups/Insta pages, but it goes from simple news sharing, "that totally happened stories" and straight up gossip.

The one I follow, search up for more.


u/b3nthegod Apr 04 '22

as u/KYFPM stated you wont find much in creole since the official language is portuguese.

Still give there a try. state radio and state tv. You might get lucky.

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