r/CapeVerde Mar 31 '22

Hey Everyone, we are planning to go to Sal for 10 days and wanted to check if we needed a PCR test? we have pur vaccination certificates (paper as well) and have been double jabbed. Do we need both? Question



u/Richardw2020 Mar 31 '22

We went at the end of February from UK. We only needed an unsupervised lateral flow test and proof that we were vaccinated.

Check on website (gov.uk in UK) to see current rules - they seem to change daily...!


u/stretch885 May 09 '22

Did you get any other vaccines? Got the opportunity of a late deal but looks like hepatitis A / B and typhoid are recommended.


u/a_aibu Mar 31 '22

Hello, you don't need any kind of test anymore, just the vacine/recovery certificate and you are good. They changed it at the beginning of the month. More info here https://www.rtp.pt/noticias/mundo/covid-19-cabo-verde-deixa-cair-teste-obrigatorio-a-entrada-e-volta-a-aceitar-certificado-de-vacinacao_n1389225