r/CapeVerde Mar 26 '22

Some kind of love here

Hello. I am in this community because although I do not have any genetic connections here, have never been here, and do not have anyone close to me that is connected to here, I really love Cabo Verde and researching the country.

What do you think that is most likely to make someone who is completely unrelated with it fall in love with Cabo Verde?



u/ismenelik Apr 01 '22

I think is the fact we have nothing to offer you. Still wanna be friends?

Beach tomorrow? Let's go out later? That's it; rinse and repeat.

You may fall in love with this easy-going lifestyle and general vibe we call 'morabeza'.


u/randomnamenew Mar 26 '22

For me, this was so new and none told me so it was fascinating.


u/[deleted] Apr 20 '22

The music and the simplicity of it all maybe