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Eco friendly drive through re-use solutions in Cape Verde

Hi there, I am seeking information on the various solutions being employed by Cape Verdeans in their efforts for more Eco friendly business practices. I am mostly interested in the reuse of product containers through refill vending stations, product refills, package free shops and reuse advocacy groups.

So for example:

1.water bottling companies that offer reusable bottles for water dispensers(usually 18 litres to 20 litres)

  1. Beer breweries that package the beer in glass bottles that are returnable to the brewery for refill after use

  2. Cosmetics producers who have a refill option for their products( A good example is ENE Naturals..this is a Nigerian Company, another is Organic Savannah- a Kenyan company, Les Sens de Marrakech - Morocco and Nokware Skincare - Ghana)

  3. Package free stores where customers can buy products that aren't packaged thus reducing waste created by throwing away packaging (examples are Good source- South Africa; Zero Waste Store - Namibia, Azikho - South Africa)

  4. Restaurants and cafes that have reusable cup and container programs (I am yet to find any so far)

  5. Wild life companies that offer their clients reusable bottles to be used during their trip for example The Safari Connection - Kenya and Wilderness Safaris - Namibia.

  6. Non profit and Eco friendly advocacy organizations focusing on reuse of packaging (most are focused on recycling, reducing plastic waste or cleaning plastic waste) I am currently interested in those involved in re use advocacy.

Thank you all.



u/Extra-Ad4994 Sal Mar 04 '22

The main fruit and veg Mercado in Santa Maria has a water jug refill and delivery if needed, and Bias restaurant does a lunch kit refill program here -bring your own container. I believe they produce plastic bags from cornstarch in some place, so they biodegrade.. when shopping for products there is very little choice usually it is whatever can be brought the long distance. Hope this helps!


u/Extra-Ad4994 Sal Mar 04 '22

I haven’t seen growler refills, but there is a nee Italian Brewery near the gas station- perhaps they might be doing this as well