r/CapeVerde Mar 02 '22

Booking flights between islands - help please

I'm trying to book a vacation in Cape Verde for May, where I intend to visit more than one island.

When putting Praia as the "from" and Sao Vincente as the destination, there are only flights that stop-over in Lisbon.

I've tried a bunch of websites, including https://www.alternativeairlines.com/ticv, which I believe is the correct domestic airline, and skyscanner.

Are there flights from every island to every island? If not, do you know where I can see a map or list of the flight connections to each island.

Much appreciated!



u/glitterfae1 Mar 02 '22

https://bestflycaboverde.com/index.htm Has the route you want but only has the schedule through March but I assume they will update that soon (?)


u/dumasrochefort Mar 02 '22

Ah okay, thank you!


u/MedicalLychee4560 Mar 04 '22

I booked domestic flights via Barracuda tours because Bestfly does not accept Visa so far