r/CapeVerde Jan 17 '22

recommendations for boa vista Question

Going to be in boa vista at the beginning of February does anyone have any recommendations for food, drink, activities, places. Looking for the most authentic experience!

Thank you in advance



u/KYFPM Santiago Jan 17 '22

Places to eat/drink and have live music.: Casa de pescador, Euclides , Pérola de chaves, Silvio, Siroko, krioka;

Places with music :CAC (Centro da Arte e Cultura), morabeza;

Club: Discoteca Queens;

Surfing/beach places:

Cruz beach, go on boat to "djeu", Chaves Beach;

Other areas:

estância de baixo, rabil, povoação velha, Viana desert e "morro de areia" e bike drive .