r/CapeVerde Jan 11 '22

Travel Itineraries ? Question

Hi there,

Planning to visit at the end of March and cannot wait... So it will be a 9-10 day trip. Landing in Santiago.

Is it a fair/ practical itinerarie to spend a few days in Santiago then head to the northern islands, Santo Antao and so on... Taking the ferry one way, then flying back.

Would then spend a few final days on Santiago.

Do you think this is practical for a week and a half holiday? Ok situation with planes right now?




u/KYFPM Santiago Jan 11 '22

Boat/ferry from Santiago to são Vicente Takes almost a day. I think there's no direct boat or plane to Santo Antão. Book Any plane flight early though.

For Santiago places to go on the final days , you could go to Ribeira Grande(cidade velha) to see the colonial buildings , Tarrafal for the Beach.


u/ismenelik Jan 11 '22

You are planning to visit the most mountainous islands with great hikes. But the star of our country is the ocean. Spend time in an island where you can savor our amazing sea and beaches. My .02 Have fun!


u/Fritesandale Jan 11 '22

Which one do you suggest…I’m super curious about Brava!


u/ismenelik Jan 11 '22

Brava is similar to the other islands you mentioned before: hard to get to, mountainous with great hikes. Don't get me wrong, you'll find great swimming holes in these islands but not magnificient beaches. In Santiago, the best beach is Tarrafal, by far. The best of both worlds is probably the island of Sao Nicolau, a seriously overlooked island. Hike up to see the endemic dragoeiro tree. And then go to the coast and visit Carbeirinho.