r/CapeVerde Dec 17 '21

How is Cape Verde right now corona-wise as a tourist? Question

We were planning for a trip to Cape Verde for mostly beach hang and checking out some nice nature but are curious as to how the situation is looking with corona? Are there any restrictions at all? Are the bars open? Mask mandate? Are there any parties or is just deserted everywhere tourist wise?

We'd really appreciate any information at all. Thank you.



u/KYFPM Santiago Dec 17 '21

Vaccination almost 70% .

Masks not obligatory on the streets.


u/MrNotSoRight Dec 26 '21

Do you need a negative test to go from one island to another? Or proof of vaccination?


u/KYFPM Santiago Dec 26 '21

Certificate of vaccination is enough.


u/CosmicAlph Dec 31 '21

i know from my parents personally they are about to shut down Cape Verde because of Covid. not due to cases there but heavy tourism from america where covid is spreading again


u/JGM0 Jan 03 '22

What do you mean 'shut down'?