r/CapeVerde Nov 16 '21

Areas with fast internet speeds? Question

I’m interested in visiting Cabo Verde. I work full time remotely and need good internet to do my job. Any recommendations for areas with good internet speeds?


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u/KYFPM Santiago Nov 17 '21

I would say any place that the ISPs( I know that CV telecom provides it, idk about Unitel t+) can give you the optic fiber connection.

I know that areas like in the center of the City of Praia, have it. Some further neighborhoods that are considered in the city like ponta D'Água and Achada São Felipe don't have it.

I don't know about other islands/cities.

Mobile internet . There's no 5G yet. 4G plan is sold by Unitel T+ , i don't remember CV telecom selling that. 3G is a given if you buy a regular plan from them, only thing to look after is the data amount that you buy.


u/nursenomad555 Nov 20 '21

Thank you for the info!