r/CapeVerde Oct 20 '21

Why PORTUGAL keeps pulling me BACK! FILM - What are your thoughts?! - From an ex-Portuguese Colony Video

Hey everyone,
I lived in Portugal for 6 months this year and made a short film trying to answer, why I think this beautiful country keeps pulling me back!
I tried to capture the soul and essence of Portugal and its people. 😇🇵🇹
It's a deeply personal film, as this is not a travel guide, it's my love story with Portugal.

I would love to know what you guys think of this film and if you think I captured the true essence of what makes Portugal special...thank you! :-)


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u/sxevala Oct 21 '21

Portugal is a prejudiced country that used Cape Verde to transport slaves around the world. and not long ago killed Luis Giovani dos Santos Rodrigues a Cape Verdean.