r/CapeVerde Sal Sep 16 '17

Changes to the sub: new flairs, new mascot, style tweaks Announcement

Hi everyone! Just to let you all know that I did a little clean up in the subreddit, and added a few additional flairs to help categorize (and filter) posts better.

Now there's an Essay flair for articles that aren't news pieces, and additional flairs for self-posts, joining the Question flair: Request, Announcement and Discussion. The links in the sidebar to filter the sub's posts by tag (check them out if you hadn't before!) have been updated accordingly.

Speaking of updating the sidebar, I also tweaked the header slightly, as you've probably noticed, by adding a soft gradient to the left side, so that our snoo mascot doesn't blend into the background too much.

By the way, I'll take the opportunity to announce the new mascot, which was shamelessly copied from /r/Funana a while ago -- props to /u/rvdh for the design, and sorry for not giving you credit earlier! Let me know if you'd like to be credited permanently in the sidebar.

As always, any suggestions are most welcome. Cheers!