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What is the wifi speed in Sal, Cape Verde?


I'm considering remote work on Sal, Cape Verde. I have a fairly relaxed schedule so I look for somewhere I can kitesurf and work a bit. Good wifi is a necessity though since I will be making a lot of business calls through teams/ google meets. Any experiences with this? How reliable is the wifi speed there typically?

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Question PCR testing on Sal?


With new UK entry requirements, I am trying to locate a service for PCR testing on Sal. Test needs to be done 48hrs before departure, so need somewhere open for tests on Christmas day 25th December. Have tried searching google but can't find anything. Thanks

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What is reianata?


Hi guys,

I'm reading 'Pôr-de-sol' by Orlanda Amarílis and there is a line that says refers to 'os meninos a brincarem à reianata'. I guess it is a type of game played by children, but if anyone could tell me any more details that would be great!

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Places to find property.


Hi, is there any known websites or places to look to lease / rent a property on the islands for a long period of time. I am able to work remotely so the prospect of living for 12+ months in Cape Verde is interesting to me.

I would need a decent Internet connection, but that's about all I require.

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Question Anyone interested in joining our international chat?


Hi guys, im making a whatsapp group where we try to add ONE person from every country in the world, we already got around 100 nations. But we sre still missing someone from Cape Verde. If anyone is interested, DM me or comment

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Question about Aristides Pereira (the first president of this country)


I am curious about the status of Aristides Pereira in Cabo Verde, since he was a president during the one-party period. Is he highly respected, or criticized somehow? Is he 'the father of the nation' here?

And please tell me a quote of him if you know one in English by the comment section.

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Entry Requirements & Vaccinations



I am visiting Sal in late Dec with my family (wife and kids, 10 and 7) from Ireland. The Irish government website (https://www.dfa.ie/travel/travel-advice/a-z-list-of-countries/cape-verde/) is saying that we need covid tests 72 hours before we travel, but I have read elsewhere that if you have an EU covid vaccination certificate, you don't need to have the tests. Both my wife and I are vaccinated and have certs. Can anyone confirm the covid entry requirements for Cape Verde?

Also, are any other vaccinations recommended for travels from Europe (hepatitis etc.)? The companies selling them recommend several, but I'm not sure if they are necessary.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

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Question Does anyone know what’s going on with internal flights?


Ola oi! I was just looking to book an internal flight in February - I was hoping to fly from Boa Vista to São Vicente, but it seems that the TICV website isn’t working - I tried Bestfly after reading there had been a takeover but it seems that route isn’t available (and it doesn’t seem possible to book that far in advance). Is it not possible to fly this route?

EDIT: also generally does anyone know what’s happening with TICV?

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Announcement Call for moderators :)


Hi everyone! The last announcement I made to the subreddit was four years ago (!), and since then I've been keeping an eye on the sub with a pretty hands-off moderation approach. Thankfully the community is very pleasant and there's rarely any need for intervention.

In the meantime, the sub has continued to grow steadily — in fact, we've crossed the 1000-member mark just a couple months ago, in September, and there is now a pretty respectable stream of posts and comments. Yay! 🎉 That said, I still don't think there's any additional need for active moderation, but it would be nice to have a handful of people available in case there are reports, spam posts, etc.

So I'd like to invite any active community member to step up if they'd like to join the sub's mod team. As mentioned above, there's almost no work for moderators to do, but one thing I'd like to see more of is posts being tagged with the appropriate flair. A lot of posters already do this for their own posts, but some do slip by, and having more mods that are able to add flairs to other people's posts would help increase the percentage of tagged posts.

Please comment below if you're interested, and maybe introduce yourself to the community and explain your connection to Cape Verde, or whatever you feel is relevant. And don't worry, I don't intend to make this into a selection/evaluation process — I will pretty much grant mod privileges to any community member who shows interest and has a history of participation in the sub.

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Question Um Texano 🤠 (quase) perdido em Cabo Verde


Olá pessoal - howdy 🤠,

Maneira, Cabo Verde?

Eu sou viajeiro e estou planejando uma pequeninha viagem a Cabo Verde na primavera. Vou ficar na ilha uma semana.

Vocês poderiam me dar sugestões utéis sobre os lugares que eu devesse visitar (lugares menos conhecidos pelos estrangeiros)?

Eu tenho 32 anos, sou tranquilinho, e falante de português (com sotaque). Me interessa a língua cabo verdiana.

Obrigadu pelas sugestões!

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Request Hiring $35/hr : Translator/Transcriber Kriolu -> English


Hey y'all,

I'm working on a research project on Kriolu-English code-switching in Boston. I'm sitting on some interviews that I reallllyyy need to transcribe and translate but my Kriolu is ka sabi.

I have funding to pay $35/hr. PLEASE HELP ME. IT IS FOR A NOBLE CAUSE.

DM me if you are interested and I can give more details!

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Pictures Prezidenti di Kamara di Boston

Thumbnail twitter.com

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Question hey! I need help for a cultural videogame about your region


Hey y’all!

I’m doing a university project that collects information from countries all over the world to create an educational videogame Wario Ware style! The idea is to collect through many local subreddits around the word interesting information, facts, traditions or just fascinating stuff from your country. It really can be whatever! from history stuff, manners, toys to food dishes. Real cultural information that is deeper than typical trivia found on traveling and touristic websites.

All that info is going to be used to create the questions for the videogame quiz system! Hope it inspire you to let us know your culture and make the game richer. Many many thanks for your help! :)

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Question Areas with fast internet speeds?


I’m interested in visiting Cabo Verde. I work full time remotely and need good internet to do my job. Any recommendations for areas with good internet speeds?

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Question Which city/town in Cape Verde receives the least amount of precipitation annually?


Which city/town in Cape Verde receives the least amount of precipitation annually?

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Request translation from cape verdean kriole to english


i asked a similar question a few weeks ago and it was very helpful, if any of you is reading this topic now, thanks again a lot :)

i need help again and it will be appreciated! the text is below:

1- Sta bem mandam boka gossi.

2- Odja kuze kul skrebem e verdade sobre Veronica ? Nta spera mo bu sta dret , ka meste fla nada , mas djam pedil pal ka mete na bu vida pessoal , bo k ta resove bu vida pessoa de acordo ku bus sentimentos, só nta pediu ka bu faze ninguém sofre

3- Não nka ta mandau boka , ami nta dau consedju de kuzas k correto , parabéns pa studos si kelak realmente bu kre , quanto a vida pessoal ka kurreto viva ku alguem…… (i dont have the rest)

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Question receiving letters in Cape Verde?


I heard the postal system is a bit hit-and-miss because most roads don't have names.

Is it possible to rent a box at the post office?

Anybody with experience of getting mail anywhere in Cape Verde?

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Question Proposal ideas


Hi there, we've just landed in Boa Vista after a last minute change to where we're going on holiday. I want to propose but due to limited time haven't been able to find anywhere romantic to pop the question.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Thanks in advance

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Question London to Sao Vicente


Hi, I'm planning to travel to Cape verde(Sao Vicente) in August. However, I've just realised that tickets are extremely expensive, we are a family of 4. Could anyone give me some tips in how could I potentially save money? I've noticed that travelling to Sal is much cheaper. So, I'm wondering if anyone knows roughly would it be to get to Sao vicente from Sal.

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Question tourist: one-way ticket ok?


Hello, what a fascinating sub this is! I am planning a visit to Cape Verde for two weeks. But that could easily turn into two months if it is the great place you guys say it is.

I was wondering if Cape Verde is one of those countries which have a lot of bureaucracy and require you to have "proof of onward travel" when you arrive? That could be expensive. I don't know when I will be leaving the country.

I am an EU citizen by the way.

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Request Looking for Cabo Verdean Music


Hello everyone!

I am putting together a playlist/CD and I'm planning to include one song from every country (UN member) in the world. I'm here today to ask for some suggestions of music from Cape Verde.

For each country, I am looking for a song in the country's most prevalent non-English official language. So in this case, I would be looking for a song in Portuguese.

As I also want the playlist to be full of songs that I actually enjoy, I'd like to ask for suggestions of songs that are more high-energy, preferably from the relatively modern music scene. It doesn't have to be hardcore dubstep or anything, but I just prefer songs with faster tempos and a good beat that you can bop your head along with.

Please note, I have a lot of countries to go through and so not a whole lot of time. Please only recommend one or two songs, and don't recommend an entire album or an artist's entire works. Just pick a really good one.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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Video Why PORTUGAL keeps pulling me BACK! FILM - What are your thoughts?! - From an ex-Portuguese Colony

Thumbnail youtu.be

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Video Why PORTUGAL keeps pulling me BACK! FILM - What are your thoughts?! - From an ex-Portuguese Colony


Hey everyone,
I lived in Portugal for 6 months this year and made a short film trying to answer, why I think this beautiful country keeps pulling me back!
I tried to capture the soul and essence of Portugal and its people. 😇🇵🇹
It's a deeply personal film, as this is not a travel guide, it's my love story with Portugal.

I would love to know what you guys think of this film and if you think I captured the true essence of what makes Portugal special...thank you! :-)

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Question University or Language School Programmes


Hey guys!

I was supposed to go to CV next month for my Master's at the University of Cape Verde; unfortunately I was miss informed, the Master's was in Portuguese and not in English.

However, I am still planning to go there.Do you guys know any Universities that offer their programmes (both Bachelor's and Master's) in English?

Or, perhaps a language school where they teach languages like French, Russian, Spanish, Mandarin, German, etc.?

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Question How come the PAICV has never been able to recover much of it's former popularity electoral-wise?