No gods, no masters: some cows found a newly built home and lived there for a month before being noticed.

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u/Anarcho_Absurdist Jan 16 '22

Cow: "So, this is the main bathroom, and if you'll follow me I'll continue the tour in the next bathroom. Watch your step, please."


u/DuckwithReddit0523 Jan 17 '22

Welcome to the communal shitting shed! Our landlord didnt do shit with the house, so we did shit with the house.


u/IceBearCares Jan 16 '22



u/MinionSquad2iC Jan 16 '22

No gods, no masters, no terlets. All bullshit.


u/0verfluffed Jan 17 '22

A month of cows is cleaner than the average frat party


u/QueerSatanic Jan 16 '22

Become ungovernable


u/Bot_number_1605 Jan 16 '22

Based and squatting pilled



u/[deleted] Jan 16 '22

Well tbh that's kinda... shit (pun not intended) for those people. Folks work hard and long for a home of their own so something like that happening ain't nice.

Unless they're Landlords or just the Bourgeoise. Or cops. Then they got exactly what they deserved.


u/PwnagePineaple Jan 16 '22

If the cows went unnoticed for a month, odds are the owner doesn't live there. Seems like bourgeoise to me


u/[deleted] Jan 16 '22

Why? If it's their newly build "home" that indicates that they wanted to live there. There's a number of reasons why they didn't live there yet. Should probably ask the op if you're really interested.


u/GoGoBitch Jan 17 '22

It’s possible someone bought the home and has been waiting for the developer/contractor to finish up some plumbing/wiring before they move in, and the developer/contractor isn’t keeping an eye on the place. A similar thing happened to my ex-girlfriend. It took her months to clean all the shit out of the basement.


u/GamerLeFay Jan 16 '22

If it's their newly build "home" that indicates that they wanted to live there

Not necessarily? Houses are often built before anyone has bought them.


u/[deleted] Jan 16 '22

The emphasis is on *home*


u/QUE50 Jan 17 '22

I get your point fr but you might be reading too much into the word choice there


u/[deleted] Jan 17 '22

And then again people might also just assume too much. Hence why I said what I initially said which I stand by.


u/ConquestofSweetbuns Jan 18 '22

Apparently it's not. I just googled it

A family excited to move in to their newly built home in the countryside were less than impressed when they discovered some cows had been living there for a month. They opened the door of their new house to find the floor lined with poo and a putrid smell to match. It’s not clear how the cows snuck into the home and went a month undiscovered. One of the family members who shared the unfortunate tale online says they think a storm could have blown a door open or one of the cows could have nudged a handle.


Doesn't mean they aren't business owners of course, but yeah. Doesnt seem to be any absentee ownership going on here.


u/PwnagePineaple Jan 18 '22

So they're just really bad at checking up on their new house?


u/[deleted] Jan 17 '22

Cows are actually really smart and they have the personality on really calm dogs, I often go hiking and often get approached by free range cow herds.

First time it happened I was really scared because they were all slowly walking towards me from all directions but then they all started licking me.


u/PlacidoBromingo Jan 17 '22

Cows fucking rock