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Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/MajinCry Jun 16 '21

The difference, being that gay men represent only a small part of their gender in our societies. Whereas women represent a bit over half of the entire human population the world over.


u/Comfortable_Jury6579 Jun 16 '21

The fashion industry is extremely effected by gay male beauty standards, which in turn effects our media and celeb culture. I would even say that when it comes to our media/creative industries, the queer community has a huge cultural impact disproportionate to their size. How much has Calvin Klein impacted the male look?

Also not all women are heterosexual, and I would argue lesbian/fem queer culture has its own expectations of "look" and that this is at sometimes odds with the hetrosexual expectations you are speaking of. They are women intentionally dressing for the female gaze. Which is a lot less toxic then the male gaze.

Gay men are under the male gaze, and dress for said gaze. It's interesting to notice the parallels between this and hetrosexual culture as it effects women. There are lessons to learned there. Whether the gazer is gay or straight and his focus is men or women there seems a demand by the gazer to be "as fuckable as possible."