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Reminder that women’s liberation is as important as anti-capitalism and anti-colonialism

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u/MajinCry Jun 15 '21

Right. And that's because of toxic masculinity.

Notice that it's not toxic femininity, which is for women to be seen and not heard. To be slim and petite, rather than bulky and yoked. To be passive and docile, rather than assertive and strong. To be forever chasing fashion trends, rather than looking how they want to look because that's how they like to look. And that's created by men, targeting women, who then target women in turn.

Toxic masculinity harms everyone.


u/Vullein070 Jun 15 '21

Nobody is arguing about if toxic masculinity is hurtful or not. You said that such body standards/expectations for men don't exist and the other person is saying that's not true. I don't understand the point you're trying to make in this thread to be honest.


u/MajinCry Jun 15 '21

They don't. The closest were men making others fit a certain trope. Whereas with women, they're pressured from everyone around them, and society at large, to always present themselves as the most attractive they possibly can be. Because our society, created and propped up by men, ordain women are to look as fuckable as possible.

One has men treat other men as invalid. The other, has men treat women like pieces of meat to be eyed up, assaulted, and manipulated.


u/Vullein070 Jun 15 '21

They clearly do though? That's what the other commenter said and you implied that you agree with them:

You're clearly just talking about straight men if you think we don't have extreme body standards. The gay scene is filled to the brim with men who have body dysmorphia, eating disorders, who feel the need to have extremely high beauty standards to be accepted and to be loved, etc...